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Artisan&Artist ACAM-E25(R/N) Leather, Nylon and Polyester Strap


$89.50 $29.50

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ACAME25N - ACAM - E25N - Red


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An entirely new, very cleverly designed camera strap that can be instantly adjusted with just one finger. This nylon and leather strap quickly positions your camera mid torso, off the shoulder, or over your backside if you’re biking.

Put your finger through the D-shaped hook, pull up to shorten the strap and pull down to lengthen it. Release your finger from the hook and the strap locks into place at precisely the length you’ve selected. It’s 2.4 cm width distributes the camera weight very well, while the variable length of 82 cm thru 139 cm should handle just about any situation and every body type. 

The R version is supplied with fixing rings while the N is designed for the case without attachment for rings such as Canon cases, Fuji X-H2, H-H2S, X-E4...

Of course, the finish is impeccable. Like all Artisan & Artist products, it is stylish, comfortable, secure, and designed for the long haul.