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  • Leica M4 Silver Body *B+*


    The original Compact M

    Serial number: 1193015 Made by: Leitz Wetzlar, Germany Condition: B+(Click here for details) Includes: M4, body cap and instruction booklet A true classic mechanical M camera, the first with the modern ergonomics, three-prongs rapid loading system and practical angled rewind-knob.… Find out more »


  • Leica Macro-Elmar-M 90mm F4 *A+*


    The neo-classic collapsable 90mm !

    Serial number: 4262460 Made by: Leica, Germany  Condition: A+ (Click here for details)  Includes: Complete Original Box with All Contents  Warranty: One year The recent production Macro Elmar was purchased at the boutique less than three years ago. It is… Find out more »


  • Leica Elmarit 135mm f/2.8 *B+*


    It may be ugly, but will produce beautiful pictures!

    Serial number: 2064654 Made by: Leica, Leitz Canada Condition: B (Click here for details) Includes: Front and Rear caps  Warranty: 3 Months This Ugly Duckling M Télé lens gets a bad wrap because of its size and weight. And these… Find out more »


  • Leica Tele Elmar 135mm f/4 V2 *A*


    A Classic Leica Tele Photo!

    Serial number: 3596273 Made by: Leica, Germany Condition: A  (Click here for details) Includes: Both caps + B+W protective Filter Warranty: Six months This Tele-Elmar 135mm lens is from the second iteration of the Tele-Elmar F/4 lens. This true telephoto… Find out more »


  • Leica T Silver Ensemble with 18mm Elmarit-TL *A+*

    18181, 11089

    The original über-modern Leica discounted!

    Serial number: 4816085, 4680095 Made by: Leica, Germany Condition: A+ (Click here for details) Accessories: Complete boxes minus the original strap, Grey Stone Leather half case (18800), Leica strap lugs (18807) and one extra battery  Warranty: six months This superb… Find out more »


  • Leica Summilux-TL 35mm F1.4 ASPH *A+*


    The outstanding TL Summilux 35mm Lens

    Serial number: 4601776 Made by: Leica, Germany  Condition: A+ (Click here for details) Includes: Original box, 12430 lens hood, two caps and B+W protective filter Warranty: Six months Bought new in 2018, this 35mm Summilux-TL f/1.4 was greatly appreciated and… Find out more »


  • Leica Visoflex *A+*


    For your X, T, or M10 !

    Made by : Leica, Germany Condition : A+ (Click here for details) Accessories : Original Leather pouch and contact cap. Warranty : 3 months Details: Compatible for the Leica M10-M11 First designed for the T-System, and perfectly matched to the… Find out more »


  • Mamiya 7 II with 65mm f/4 and 150mm F/4.5 *A*

    The medium format rangefinder by Excellence !

    Serial number: B:EJ1117 - L:DF1122, CL1092 Made by: Mamiya, Japan Condition: A (Click here for details) Includes: Original boxes, lens hood and caps. Warranty: 3 months The medium format rangefinder by Excellence ! With its compact size, seamlessly quiet operation… Find out more »


  • Voigtlander APO-Lanthar 35mm F2 VM and LH-13 *A+*

    BA365A, LH-13

    Serial number: 07131095 Made by: Cosina, Japan Condition: A+ (Click here for details) Includes: Complete box + LH-13 lens hood Warranty: Three months Bought new at our store less than a year ago, this Apo-Lanthar lens was very slighty used… Find out more »


  • Sigma 56mm F1.4 DC DN L Mount - *A+*

    Available at 26 Notre-Dame E - (514) 875-5110

    Serial number: 54852707Made By: Sigma, JapanCondition: A+ (Click here for details)Accessories: Complete boxWarranty: 3 months Find out more »


  • Hasselblad HCD 35-90mm f/4-5.6 *A+*


    Available at 26 Notre-Dame Est - (514) 875-5110

    Serial number: 7MSE10137 Made by: Hasselblad Condition: A+ (Click here for details) Includes: Original soft pouch, two caps and lens hood + Hasselblad 95mm UV-SKY filter Warranty: Three months Details: Very low shutter count, under 300 Find out more »


  • Hasselblad HC 210mm f/4 *A*


    Available at 26 Notre-Dame Est - (514) 875-5110

    Serial number: 7HSR12334Made by: HasselbladCondition: A (Click here for details)Includes: Two caps, Lens hood and B+W UV FilterWarranty: Three Months Find out more »


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