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Camtec Photo is a quality oriented boutique entirely dedicated to photography, with two locations in Montreal for over thirty years.
Our knowledgeable service and support is backed up by professional personal experience. Through our newsletter and workshops and by promoting photographers and their work, we want to become the trusted destination for people passionate about fine cameras and photography.
We welcome your phone calls and emails.


Emmanuel in the Promised Land

When the opportunity arose for me to visit Leica in Wetzlar, I felt like a child about to be turned loose in a toy store – excited, impatient, and nervous. I packed my small suitcase and a Leica Q2, and boarded the flight to Germany. Final destination? The heart of all things Leica – Leitz-Park in Wetzlar. My short stay began with a visit to the old town. Wandering the narrow streets, emulating the legendary walks of Oskar Barnack and the legions of Leica fans who have followed him for a century, this was, without doubt, a photographic pilgrimage. Later,...…

Parallax, December 2023

Dear rangefinder enthusiasts and classic photographers, Thank you for allowing us to share some news and random thoughts with you.   Leica’s Homage to Elliott Erwitt I was one of the fortunate attendees during October’s Celebration of Photography at Leitz-Park, where master photographer Elliott Erwitt was welcomed into the Leica Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, with advanced years, he was unable to attend. While it was disappointing not to have seen him, I had met him in 2014 and can attest to his sharp wit and accommodating personality. The event was a celebration of a life well lived. The beauty and...…

Rediscovering Beauty in an Image

From Sony to Canon to Fuji to Nikon, there can be no doubt the field of high-performance cameras is an increasingly crowded place. While some might refer to this as photography’s golden age, in my opinion the camera remains a tool. Its only function is to seamlessly execute what you aim to accomplish creatively. Only Leica has steadfastly maintained the philosophy of “photographer knows best”. From the ultra-performance SL system to the ultra-simple M system – and let’s not forget the ultimate hybrid, the Q3 – this approach to design has proven itself repeatedly since the day Oskar Barnack persuaded...…

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