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  • LFI January 2023



    Leica M6 Special : HOMAGE TO THE LEICA M6. A camera, ten photographers: unforgettable pictures in a declaration of love for the Leica M6 and analogue photography. Horst H. Baumann : LEICA CLASSSIC. Unusual perspectives, exciting compositions: the rediscovery of… Find out more »


  • New!

    LFI February 2023



    Jakob Schnetz : A REINDEER AND A BURNING OIL DRUM. The German photographer has taken pictures in the coldest city in the world, Yakutsk in Siberia. They blur the definition between fiction and reality Corentin Fohlen: TREASURE ISLAND. Life in… Find out more »


  • LFI October 2022


    Patrick D. Pagnano: EMPIRE ROLLER DISCO. Return to 1980, please: photographer Patrick D. Pagnano captured an evening at the popular Empire Roller Disco in Brooklyn. Jürgen Gad: KIRE. Blossoms as representative for the whole of nature - immortalised in Jürgen… Find out more »


  • LFI August/September 2022


    75 Years Magnum: WOMEN IN THE AGENCY. On the occasion of the agency's jubilee, LFI takes a look at some of its female members, and reveals unforgettable, groundbreaking images Lucas Barioulet: A GATEWAY TO THE WORLD. Women's football in Mauritania?… Find out more »


  • LFI APRIL 2022



    Thomas Hoepker: LEICA CLASSIC. On the occasion of a major retrospective at the Ernst Leitz Museum: a selection from the iconic treasure trove of pictures by Thomas Hoepker Moises Saman: STOP OVER. No home in sight? For many refugees, the … Find out more »


  • LFI July 2022



    Raymond Depardon : Leica Classic. Best wishes for happy 80th Birthday! LFI presents a selection from the body of work by the French reporter, chronicler and story-teller. Lys Arango : Until the corn grows back. Chronic malnurishment defines everyday life… Find out more »


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