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  • Leica Cine 1 Home Theater Projector

    30187 / 30193


    The Leica Cine 1 is the all-in-one entertainment system that delivers authentic home cinema experiences, right in your living room. The smart Cinema TV captivates with outstanding 4K image resolution, immersive Dolby Atmos® surround sound, and unmistakable Leica quality.  The… Find out more »

    $12,325.00 - $13,010.00
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  • Leica Screen for the Cine 1 projector

    30153 / 30390


    For the best possible projection, Leica recommends the high-contrast screens with ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) function, which are fixed to the wall and specially designed for the Leica Cine 1. The ALR function ensures that disturbing ambient light is suppressed… Find out more »

    $2,735.00 - $3,970.00
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  • Leica Notebook, Special Format in Black Diamond Leather


    The Leica signature notebook

    This notebook embodies sophistication and refinement, perfect for keeping track of your appointments, notes and inspirational ideas. Adored by aficionados of Leica's legacy, this exclusive notebook features a luxurious black camera leather cover, adorned with the iconic diamond pattern and… Find out more »


  • Leica Notebook DIN A5 Black



    Leica Notebook Hardcover Managing with style – this elegant leather-look notebook, embossed with the Leica logo, offers adequate space for appointments, plans and experiences, while tastefully signaling your passion for photography. Keeping an overview is especially fun on the ivory-colored… Find out more »


  • Leica Premium Umbrella



    Leica Umbrella Well-protected – this elegant stick umbrella, with Leica design, will definitely keep you dry! Hardy and made of top-quality materials, it combines durability with casual understatement, and will become your indispensable, faithful companion in wet weather. Consequently, a… Find out more »


  • Soft release Leica M 12mm Chrome

    14017 / 14010 / 14015

    Within seconds, the soft-release button increases the size of the release button of your Leica M-Camera and makes every release easier, thus enhancing shooting comfort. As the button can also be worn on your lapel as a buttonhole badge, it… Find out more »

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  • The music and video diary of Larry Towell


    Larry Towell is more than a great photographer. He is also a talented filmmaker, poet and musician. Explore the different facets of this great artist with this set of four CDs and a DVD. Find out more »


  • SOOM Leica M Film Rewind Lever


    Upgrade your M2, M3, MP & MA!

    Upgrade your classic Leica M! The SOOM rewind lever is beautifully designed and meticulously-finished in Edmonton, Alberta. It tries to emulate the old, bygone-era Leica rewind knob accessory.  This rewind lever slips easily and firmly over the round rewind knob… Find out more »



  • $27.50

  • Tote Bag Camtec Photo / Leica Boutique Montreal


    Stylish and responsible

    Tote bag Camtec Photo / Leica Boutique Montreal. Find out more »


  • Leica Rope Key Chain

    96729 / 19650


    Leica Rope key chain  All your keys elegantly on hand – this robust key chain, made of real leather and top-quality climbing rope, is perfect for securing your valuable 'door openers', and easy to pull out of your bag. Carefully… Find out more »

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  • Cooph T-Shirt Anaglyph

    C011024012 / C011024015 / C011024013 / C011024014

    Show your passion with inspiring prints

    SHOW YOUR PASSION WITH INSPIRING PRINTS With their classic cuts and high-quality prints, the Graphic T-Shirts are COOPH’s nod to photographers around the world. Stylish, functional and always comfortable – it all comes together with these tees. Special features: -… Find out more »

    Select Option... C011024014 - L $44.50

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