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Explore our range of Vanguard and Optex tripods, offering versatile solutions for photographers and videographers of all levels. Whether you're capturing landscapes, portraits, or videos, Vanguard and Optex tripods provide sturdy support and reliable stability to ensure sharp images and smooth footage. With features like adjustable legs, quick-release plates, and ergonomic designs, these tripods are designed to meet the demands of any shooting situation. Explore our selection and find the perfect Vanguard or Optex tripod to elevate your photography and videography.

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  • Vanguard VEO 3+ 263AB | Professional Aluminium Tripod with Ball Head



    The VEO 3+ 263AB is a premium aluminum all-in-one tripod kit packed with numerous innovative features and useful configurations. Additionally, the VEO 3+ 263AB comes with a strong and steadfast VEO BH-160 ball head. Innovative Multi-Angle Central Column (MACC) system… Find out more »


  • Vanguard Alta Pro 3+ 234AB tripod with head and monopod



    The Vanguard VEO 3T+ 234AB is an all-in-one aluminum travel tripod that raises the bar for portability and versatility. Now, photographers and streamers have options for multiple accessories on the tripod, even when traveling lightly. Travel-style tripod with reversible legs… Find out more »


  • Vanguard VEO 3 GO 235CB 3 in 1



    The VEO 3 GO 235AB is an ultra-compact and lightweight aluminum travel tripod with an Arca-Swiss-compatible ball head, a leg that converts to a monopod (which can double as a selfie/vlogging stick), a smartphone adapter, and a Bluetooth remote shutter… Find out more »



  • Vanguard VEO 3 GO 204AB 3 in 1 Tripod



    This VEO 3 GO 204AB Aluminum Tripod/Monopod with T-45 Ball Head from Vanguard is a support system that features a tripod with a detachable leg and removable center column that can be combined to form a monopod with a 52.8"… Find out more »



  • Vanguard Vesta 203 AGH aluminum tripod with pistol grip head



    The Vesta 233AGH Aluminum Tripod with Pistol Grip Head from Vanguard is a 2.8 lb support with three sections that open via flip locks. Therefore, you can extend the legs along with its rapid center column to a maximum height… Find out more »

    $99.95 $79.95

  • Vanguard Vesta 203 AP Aluminum Tripod with Pan-and-Tilt Head

    VESTA 203AP


    Vanguard Vesta 204 AP The Vesta 204AP Aluminum Tripod with PH-23 Pan-and-Tilt Head from Vanguard is a 4-section support for cameras up to 7.7 lb. Open the flip locks to extend the legs and the rapid center column to a… Find out more »

    $99.95 $79.95

  • Vanguard Veo2 264CB carbon fiber tripod

    Veo2 264CB

    VEO 2 264CB features the exclusive & unique central column rotation system that allows you to set up the tripod in a snap of your fingers and also includes the new and advanced twist ¼ turn lock-unlock system for fast… Find out more »

    $269.95 $244.95

  • Vanguard ALTA ACTION Padded Tripod Bag

    The ALTA Action is an advanced tripod bag designed to fit tripod & head combinations (up to 60cm or 80cm long). Find out more »

    $44.95 - $64.95

  • Optex Black OBCFT5 Premium tripod with Ballhead



    5-Section carbon fibre tripod Premium ballhead with independent pan and tilt control Arca-style quick release plate system Compact, inverting tripod (Column) Professional twist style leg locks 5-year warranty Included accessories: Travel bag Find out more »


  • Optex Black Video Monopod Kit with video head and base


    Built-In Panning Base, Pro Video Head, 3kg Counter Balance, Extra Tall MonopodWide base for added stabilityProfessional fluid video head 3 kg [6.6 lbs]Fixed counter-balanceStandard pro sliding plate with safety lockLeft and right-side handle optionsLong pan handle with extension and foam… Find out more »


  • Optex video tripod kit OPTVM4



    Fluid head and panning base can be combined for compact, ground level 4 Section aluminum monopod, panning monopod base included and removable Fluid video head included, independent pan and tilt adjustment 5 year warranty Find out more »


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