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  • Peak Design Carbon Travel Tripod - Leica Edition


    Leica Camera has partnered with Peak Design to create the Peak Design x Leica Travel Tripod. Offering a unique version of their uncompromising compact travel tripod, the Peak Design x Leica Travel Tripod is limited to 300 pieces. In addition to its groundbreaking compact design, the limited-edition tripod features a “red dot” inserted into the adjustment knob and pays homage to classic “Panda” editions of Leica M cameras with a contrasting silver-anodized adjustment ring.

    For years, traditional tripods have suffered from needless bulk and wasted space. We spent 4 years redesigning the tripod from the ground up, creating a travel tripod that packs down to the diameter of a water bottle—without compromising height, stability,… Find out more »


  • Leica VISOFLEX 2


    The new Visoflex 2 electronic viewfinder features a 3.7-megapixel resolution display to provide outstanding image control in Live View mode. Encased in a metal exterior, the Visoflex 2 perfectly matches the M11 in terms of design and functionality. Full-frame viewing… Find out more »


  • Leica Lithium-Ion battery BP-SCL7 (Leica M11)

    24026 / 24029

    Lithium-ion battery for your Leica M11. Find out more »

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  • Leica Charger BC-SCL7 (Leica M11)


    **Battery not included**

    Charger for the BP-SCL7 battery. **Battery not included** Find out more »


  • Leica M11 Protector

    24032 / 24033 / 24034

    **Strap not included**

    Specially designed half-case for the Leica M11. **Strap not included** Find out more »

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  • Leica Handgrip M11 Black


    **Finger loop not included**

    To improve ergonomics without obstructing access to the battery and SD card, photographers will have the option to complement their M11 with a newly designed handgrip. The new handgrip doubles as a tripod mount, where the Leica M11 can be… Find out more »


  • Leica Thumb Support M11 Black


    Specially designed Thumbs-Up support for the Leica M11. Find out more »


  • Leica Premium Hybrid Glass - Size 4 (Leica M11)


    These new screen protectors, with glass coating, achieves a hardness 7H rating and complies with ISO standard 15184. It comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth. Compatible with: Leica M11 Find out more »


  • Leica FOTOS cable


    Cable to transfer your photos from your Leica M11 camera to an Apple iOS device. Find out more »


  • Leica Leather Strap

    24035 / 24036 / 24037

    **Protector case not included**

    All-new Leica Leather strap for your M camera. **Protector case not included** Find out more »

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  • Leica Lithium-Ion Battery BP-SCL5


    Battery Lithium-Ion for Leica M10 Find out more »


  • Leica Li-Ion Battery BP-SCL 4 for SL, SL2 & Q2


    For SL, SL2 and Q2

    A spare battery for your Leica SL Typ 601 or Q2. Find out more »


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