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  • Leica Apo-Televid 82 with 25-50x ASPH

    40121 / 41021 / 40119 / 41021

    From Point Pelee in southern Ontario to Queen Maud Gulf in Nunavut, there is a buzz among birders anticipating the arrival of their fair-feathered friends. From now on, they will better tell bobolinks from bobwhites, flycatchers from gnatcatchers and sapsuckers… Find out more »

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  • Leica Extender 1.8x for APO Televid (angled only)


    When you don’t want to miss any of nature’s fascinating details, you need to get closer. That is why Leica has developed the Extender 1.8x for Leica APO-Televid spotting scopes (angled viewing). In combination with the Leica Eyepiece, it allows… Find out more »


  • Leica Digiscoping Objective - 35 mm



    Natures beauty, butterflies, birds and mammals are fast, so is the Leica Digiscoping Objective Lens (35mm). Simply put the digiscoping objective over the eyepiece of your spotting scope and start taking photos or videos. You never changed so fast between… Find out more »


  • Leica M Camera - Leica T2 Adapter



    800 mm focal length, that is, what offers the combination of a Leica APO-Televid spotting scope with a Leica Photo-Adapter and the Leica M-Camera. The Focus-Picing-Funktion provides you the possibility of sharpest pictures, the full frame sensor offers unbeatable brilliant… Find out more »


  • Leica T System Camera - Leica T2 Adapter


    Experience and document nature in a way you never did before. Combining the Leica TL / TL2, with the Leica APO Televid Spotting Scope, the Leica Photo-Adapter and a Leica T2-Adapter for T you will get a focal length of… Find out more »


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