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Explore our range of products designed in collaboration with Manfrotto and National Geographic to meet the needs of adventurous photographers. Made from high-quality materials and tested in the most extreme conditions, our products are designed to offer exceptional protection and functionality in all situations. Whether you're on a mountain expedition, an African safari or reporting from a bustling metropolis, our bags, tripods and other accessories are designed to withstand the rigors of the terrain while offering quick and convenient access to your gear. Explore our selection and get ready for adventure with confidence.

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  • Manfrotto Noreg Camera Backpack-30 (Gray)

    mb ol-bp-30

    The new Manfrotto Noreg camera backpack-30 is the perfect companion for amazing photographic journeys. This extremely versatile camera backpack is in fact a modular system consisting of 2 detachable parts that can be used separately. The internal camera unit can… Find out more »


  • Kata Rain Cover For DSLR Cameras and Pro Flash



       The black E-705 PL Elements Cover from Manfrotto is a useful accessory to anyone who shoots in marginal weather. This lightweight, waterproof RipStop cover provides total protection for your DSLR with 70-200mm lens & flash. It's easy to use and… Find out more »

    $69.95 $34.95

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