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  • Hasselblad Battery Charging Hub



    Streamlining the battery charging process, the Hasselblad Battery Charging Hub for the X1D-50c contains dual slots that support the simultaneous charging of two batteries. An integrated USB Type-C connector supports mains power via an included power supply or from common… Find out more »


  • Novoflex Adapter Leica M Lens to Hasselblad X Mount


    Mount your Leica M-mount lens on a Hasselblad X-mount medium format mirrorless camera with this Novoflex Lens Adapter. This adapter has a simple, fully manual, and durable all-metal design for intuitive and straightforward use. While this adapter will maintain infinity… Find out more »


  • Hasselblad Release Cord X for X1D


    The 36" long Hasselblad Release Cord X for X1D-50c Camera plugs directly into the camera's microphone input port. Once plugged in, the cloth-wrapped cable minimizes camera shake since you are not pressing directly onto the camera's shutter button. With the… Find out more »


  • Hasselblad 907x Control Grip


    The 907X Control Grip brings the most crucial functions right to the photographer’s fingertips. It enables quick adjustment of aperture, shutter speed, and fast AF point selection via the joystick control. Additional buttons give quick access to image browsing and… Find out more »


  • Hasselblad 907X Optical Viewfinder


    Reminiscent of the Hasselblad SWC viewfinder, the optional 907X Optical Viewfinder (OVF) enables simple eye level shooting. Used in combination with the 907X 50C, it is easily mounted on the camera body via a cold shoe adapter. The OVF has… Find out more »


  • Hasselblad XH Lens Adapter



    Hasselblad H Lens to X-Mount Camera. Maintains Electronic Communication. Leaf Shutter and Autofocus Support Find out more »



  • Hasselblad XV Lens Adapter


    Hasselblad bridges its legacy and its future with the XV Lens Adapter, providing compatibility between X System cameras and V System lenses.The XV Lens Adapter supports Hasselblad’s full line of C, CB, CF, CFI, CFE, F and FE lenses; each… Find out more »


  • Hasselblad Rechargeable Battery 3400 mAh (for X System)


    Extra battery for your Hasselblad X1D II camera. Find out more »


  • Hasselblad X1D Shoulder Strap


    The Handstrap X1D provides a ergonomic alternative to the supplied shoulder strap. Made from high quality leather, it will soften with use and form a comfortable grip. Find out more »


  • Hasselblad X1D Camera Front Cover


    Protective body cap for the X1D camera. Find out more »


  • Hasselblad XCD Rear Lens Cap


    XCD Rear Lens Cap. Find out more »


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