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Body and soul - The Leica M10 Monochrom

17 Jan 2020

If a Leica M represents the essence of a camera, then a black-and-white photograph is photography’s soul. 


You may revel in a rich and colourful landscape photograph, a dazzling wildlife image, or a vivid and radiant portrait, but there is nothing like black and white to raise the spirit and reveal a decisive moment filled with emotion and meaning. 


From Robert Frank to Larry Towell with more than a passing wave to Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Koudelka and other humanist photographers, the understanding of shades of grey will forever define and be part of the human experience.


Today, we are introduced to the third generation of the Leica Monochrom camera. While its two predecessors – loved and coveted by art photographers – continue to produce outstanding images with unmatched quality and dynamic range, this new M10 Monochrom goes a good distance further. It is built on the M10-P platform, with a lighter, slimmer body, identical to the M7. The shutter is the quietest mechanical shutter ever and the viewfinder is larger and brighter than those in any previous Leica camera. The sensor was developed and built from the ground up with this camera in mind, producing 40 megapixel images that will elevate printing possibilities to a new level.


So, if timeless black and white is what your eyes desire and your soul demands, definitely consider this classic, Black and White Leica camera. 


Et tu SL2?

14 Jan 2020

It’s only been a couple of weeks that the avalanche of phone calls and email about the Leica Q2 started to subside. Most of our clients who couldn’t wait to get their hands on the small wonder are elated with their new camera. The Q2 is proving to be truly unique and amazing in every respect.

So, just as we started to catch our breath from the chaos of waiting lists, follow-up and how juggle scarce quantities and deliveries BOOM! the SL2 was announced!

With many ground-breaking improvements, the SL2 is generating almost as much interest and buzz as the Q2. 

My personal favourite improvement on the SL2 have nothing to do with the Mega mega-pixel increase, rather the streamlining and simplification of the interface, button layout and menu, and of course the 5 axis stabilisation on the sensor. Now I can stabilize my exposures and photos while using my M lenses. Who woulda thunk it ?!!

So if you are looking to get into the best mirrorless system available or if you want to compliment your M with a camera that can take perfect advantage of the superior M lenses, the SL2 is a modern camera for the ages. We are presently taking orders for delivery in 2019… Hopefully !!

Of course, the Q2 is a proven winner and while the camera is not “in stock” per se, waiting time is no more than a week or two these days. No matter what camera system you use the Q2, with it’s small size, weather proofing and amazing 28mm F1.7 Summilux lens will bring a new dimension to your street and travel photography.

Is it too early to say Happy Hollidays? I think it is! So Let’s say happy early winter !!

A Very Christmassy Gathering at Camtec Photo

17 Dec 2019


Join us for a glass of wine and refreshment on December 20th between 11:00 and 15:00 at our 26 Notre-Dame Est boutique in the company of Sony Tech-Rep extraordinaire Pierre Villeneuve.


Sony’s superlative Cameras and Lenses will be demonstrated and featured. Bring your Sony gear, questions and sense of wonderment and discovery and see why Sony cameras became the number one choice of both professionals and keen amateurs. 


Exceptional offers will be available on Sony Products during the day.




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