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Parallax Newsletter July 2020

24 Jul 2020

Dear rangefinder enthusiasts and classic photographers, our latest Parallax newsletter is online!

Picture Life in the New Normal

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Mirrorless, Mirrorless on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

Adieu, Mon Ami

Confinement Gallery


Winners of our May 19 Round of Walking Alone or Hunkered Down At Home

21 May 2020


Winners of our May 19 Round of Walking Alone or Hunkered Down At Home


For this third and final leg of our Covid-19 inspired photo contest, the judges selected images that candidly and compassionately tell the story of the past two months.
Yet again, we were enormously impressed with the entries and decided to award two prizes in each section. 



Walking Alone


Photographed near Phillips Square, Victor’s lone pedestrian striding purposefully with a bag in tow while pigeons circle barely above street level, reveals how much covid-19 has changed the face of our city. Typically, the area is crowded with office workers and shoppers, but for now, crowds of people have yielded to flocks of birds. We love the use of light, shadow and motion. Alfred Hitchcock would be proud! 


We felt that Audrey’s image of a young family enjoying time together as seen thru a chainlink fence, would be equally successful entered in both of our contest categories. In beautiful black and white and masterfully composed, this photograph of five family members overflows with joy and serenity.   



Hunkered Down At Home


Tension and a sense of loneliness are powerfully evoked in both our winning images. 


In Daniel’s contrasty black and white photograph, an elderly person’s troubled expression is seen amongst storeys of balcony balusters with repeating vertical lines. The strain and stress we all have been feeling for the last two months is raw and uncomplicated.


Jérome brings us inside his flat as sunshine streams through windows in long, focused streaks. The backlight contributes to an ambience that made us reflect on the disquietude of being confined. 


Congratulations to Victor Cambet, Audrey Lebrasseur, Daniel Comeau and Jérome Arfouche for their memorable images of this extraordinary time.



As you are no doubt aware, Monday, May 25 is when restrictions on brick-and-mortar retail will be lifted in Montreal. The entire team of Camtec Photo and Leica Boutique Montreal is looking forward to welcoming back our friends and clients, while maintaining social distancing of course! We will be operating shortened hours at both boutiques, from 10 AM until 5 PM.

While operating our virtual boutique for the last couple of months, we experimented with a few new wrinkles. One in particular proved enormously popular and we will continue to offer it to you. Around Montreal, you may now place your order on our website or phone it in, and we will personally deliver it to your home or office. 


Once again, I can’t thank you enough for your kind words of encouragement throughout this trying period. We are and will continue to stay positive and optimistic. No one knows just when our lives will return to a complete sense of normalcy, but I believe that as we move forward, “Ça va bien aller!” 







If you’re looking for gear or accessories please email or call us. We are listening and doing our very best to remain active and offer any help we can.




Don’t forget to visit our Photo Gear Therapy section for a continuously updated selection of items we have on sale.  

Winners of our May 5 Round of Walking Alone or Hunkered Down At Home

08 May 2020

Winners of the May 5 round of our Covid-Time Photo Contest

Sincere thanks to everyone who participated in round 2 of our Walking Alone or Hunkered Down at Home contest. Your extraordinary efforts provide incontrovertible proof that not even these uncertain times can extinguish creativity.


As in round 1, our 4 judges were so impressed with the range and quality of the photographs that we’ve decided to name 2 winners and 1 honorable mention in both categories. 


Now to the winners:

Walking Alone



Maxine M’s sense of composition is impeccable in her photograph of a sole person at a crosswalk punctuated by traffic lights and pedestrian signals. It’s more than a photo of man alone during covid-19, it’s a powerful statement about the solitude of mankind.


Stéphanie N was drawn to a teenager holding her skateboard and lost in her thoughts. The bright yellow tape blocking access to the skate park serves as a welcome diagonal line in an image that takes advantage of the compression from a telephoto lens. 


Honourable Mention:

The zigzag walkway on the broad median of Boulevard Robert-Bourassa is the location for Pierre P’s photograph of a lone walker. We love that the photographer showed great patience in waiting for his subject to reach the bottom right corner of the frame. 

Hunkered Down At Home



Catherine C captures the reality of a family kept apart by covid-19. The subjects, separated by the large expanse of the living-room window, are so close yet so far in her remarkable photograph of life on both sides. Our eyes are drawn to the toddler who stands as the centre of attention, and we can virtually feel the love wash over her.


Jérôme P demonstrates a great sense of timing as he photographs three Hassids at evening prayer on their Outremont porch. For people of all faiths, social distancing has rewritten rules about gathering in synagogues, churches, mosques or temples, and his image captures this to a T. 


Honourable Mention: 


Patrick L’s low-angle, perfectly timed capture of this natural and authentic moment of laughter and joy between an older boy and a younger girl underscores the fact that a nice chat and spreading humour is a part of life at all ages.




The Contest is still ongoing, so on May 19, we will announce the winners for the third segment of Walking Alone or Hunkered Down at Home. Feel free to email your submissions for both themes. 


  • The contest is open to all clients of Camtec Photo and Leica Boutique.
  • Be certain to follow the following instructions: 
  • Only photographs taken during this difficult period of covid-19 restrictions are eligible for consideration. Please include the date, time and location of the photograph.
  • Please indicate if the image is full-frame or cropped. (This will have no bearing on the judging).
  • Participants can submit one photograph per theme: Walking Alone, and Hunkered Down At Home. Try to concentrate on taking positive images that raise our spirits. 
  • Send jpegs sized 2500 pixels on the long side to concours@camtecphoto.com.
  • 2 winners – 1 for Walking Alone, 1 for Hunkered Down At Home – will be chosen and announced every 2 weeks. 
  • Each winner will receive a gift certificate for $50.00 redeemable at the boutique.
  • When covid-19 finally passes, we will hold a get-together at the boutique where a selection of our favourite photos from the contest will be exhibited. 




If you’re looking for gear or accessories please email or call us. We are listening and doing our very best to remain active and offer any help we can.




Don’t forget to visit our Photo Gear Therapy section for a continuously updated selection of items we have on sale.  


We look forward to seeing you in person. We are presently scheduled to reopen to the public on Monday, May 25. Of course, we’ll keep our distance and have plenty of hand sanitizer and masks at the ready.




Leica Akademie: Always Inspiring, Illuminating and Now Virtual


©Quinton Gordon
©Quinton Gordon

©Quinton Gordon
©Maggie Steber
©Maggie Steber
©Maggie Steber
©Maggie Steber


Many of us know Tom Smith, the peerless Director of the Leica Akademie, the hands-on educational workshops about everything Leica and photography. Tom has put together two extraordinary online workshops, one with Quinton Gordon and one with Maggie Steber, both emeritus instructors of our M-Vision workshops.

Quinton Gordon: The Interpretive Landscape


This Canadian fine-art photographer has explored and challenged our identity and our relationship to culture and the land.


Restricted to just 12 students, Quinton is offering an in-depth online workshop held over 5 consecutive Sundays from May 31 thru June 28. 



Maggie Steber: 5 Zoom sessions and a one-on-one portfolio review, limited to 10 participants


A rare opportunity to be mentored by this 2019 Pulitzer Prize finalist and Guggenheim Fellow, Maggie presents another side of her multifaceted photographic talents. Here, she turns her talent to still life, where a single photo not only tells the story, but can raise our consciousness and shape our conscience. 


The workshop is available on 4 dates, May 14-17 inclusive. 


COVID-19 - Our Plan

06 Apr 2020

Dear Friends, 


It is an understatement to say that COVID-19 changes everything. At Camtec and Leica Boutique, we are doing our very best to adjust to whatever curves it throws our way. 


Relevant and Vigilant

The team is active answering phone calls and emails, and some of us will be present 4 hours per day to receive stock, manage and ship your orders, and do follow up. We are taking all precautions including social distancing and frequent hand washing! 


For now, the boutique is open Monday thru Saturday, from 11:00 to 15:00.  Please call before to confirm. 514-875-5110.


Please use any one of our email addresses – emmanuel@camtecphoto.com  – jeanb@leicaboutiquemtl.com – info@camtecphoto.com – jeanb@camtecphoto.com 
and we will respond promptly to your queries.   


Leica USA

Our colleagues at Leica USA have informed us that they are closed as of last Friday, but will do their best to respond to queries coming from dealers and clients. 


Inventory Situation

Because early March is our buying period, we are fortunate to be very well stocked with cameras, lenses and accessories. To dampen the price increases on Leica items caused by the dramatic decrease in the value of our Loonie, we will be immediately offering a 

3% discount on all In-Stock Leica items if you pay with an E-Transfer.


The Photo Lab

For clients accustomed to topnotch attention and meticulous work from our Photo Lab,  Karouna and Laura will be minding the shop and working to fill your print needs two days per week, most likely Monday and Tuesday. Please email or call to confirm as COVID-19 can certainly undermine the best laid plans. 


I was recently reminded of the words of Alfred Eisenstaedt, “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” Keep in touch with family and friends! Also, try to decrease stress by tuning out the 24-hour news cycle. In our house, Chopin, Beethoven, Schumann and Rachmaninov have replaced CBC News Network, Ici RDI, CNN and CNBC. 


Finally, turn to photography as a means of coping and self expression. What is photography if not the recognition and appreciation of life, nature and the human experience? 


Stay safe and we’ll see you soon.





CANCELLED Thursday, March 19: An Evening With The Giant’s Neighbour

13 Mar 2020


We are very disappointed to announce that the event on Thursday March 19th is cancelled.


You are cordially invited to a very special evening and talk!


An accomplished photographer, musician, and a great friend of mine and the boutique, Chad Tobin calls Cape Breton home. For many years, he’d visit Robert Frank at his summer home in Mabou, Cape Breton, where Frank and his wife June have had a cottage since the early 1970s.

To share his experience and time with Robert Frank, Chad decided to create To Be Frank, a project honouring the photographer’s memory through a talk and a series of intimate portraits that are woven into the rugged, Cape Breton terrain. The presentation focuses on quiet moments by the sea, revealing the nexus between land, love and loss.


I am most pleased to announce that Camtec Photo is hosting an evening with Chad Tobin. He will talk about his friend, how they met, the time spent in his company and the fashioning of this compelling tribute to one of photography’s giants. 


Meeting will be at Camtec Photo Boutique, 26 Notre-Dame east, Thursday March 19th at 6:30pm. Places are limited, if you wish to attend please RSVP by email.


A small reception with follow the talk.


Looking forward to seeing you.



Dear rangefinder enthusiasts and classic photographers, 

Thank you for allowing us to share some news and random thoughts with you.


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