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Voigtlander Nokton 40mm F1.2 ASPH Sony E



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BA342B - Voigtlander Nokton 40mm F1.2 ASPH Sony E

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Ultra fast lens for the Sony E Mount. With usual Voigtlander outstanding quality!

Despite its compact size, this is the world’s first large maximum aperture 40mm lens that covers the full frame format. Its optical formula optimized for the imaging sensors of Sony mirrorless cameras features two elements with aspherical surfaces on both sides. As well as providing confidence-inspiring performance from maximum aperture, the lens allows you to enjoy smooth very blurred bokeh.

The lens has electronic contacts to ensure that lens usage data is included in the Exif data of captured images. Furthermore, the built-in distance encoder enables support for 5-axis image stabilization on the body side. Other features include being able to magnify the finder display by operating the focus ring.

Optimized optical design
Provides an imaging circle that covers the 35 mm full frame format and utilizes an optical design optimized for Sony E-mount sensors. High resolution is maintained up to the image periphery and color shifts are well controlled.

Extremely versatile angle of view
As the 40mm angle of view on an APS-C camera is equivalent to a 60mm lens, this lens can be used as a standard lens on both full frame and APS-C cameras.

Manual focus for reliable focusing
Employs a very precisely machined and adjusted all metal helicoid unit lubricated with high quality grease to realize smooth focusing operation with just the right amount of torque. This enables very precise focusing.

Aperture click-stop switching mechanism
The aperture click-stop switching mechanism enables the aperture mechanism to be steplessly stopped down/opened up with no click-stop sound. This ensures that the sound of the aperture ring being operated is not recorded while capturing video and also enables a high level of depth of focus control by fine-tuning the aperture ring.