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M Vision 2019: The Fluid State of Photojournalism

M Vision 2019: The Fluid State of Photojournalism
Dominic Nahr and Roger LeMoyne



I am thrilled to announce that Leica Boutique Montreal is hosting another in our M Vision series of photo workshops. The theme of this year’s edition is The Fluid State of Photojournalism. It’s an honour to introduce our two seasoned pros hosting the atelier, Roger LeMoyne and Dominic Nahr. 

Dominic Nahr


In the mere thirteen years that Dominic Nahr has been a photographer, he has produced an extraordinary body of work that rivals what many achieve in a lifetime. A native of Switzerland who grew up in Hong Kong and calls Ryerson University his alma mater, Dominic has made East Africa his base for the past decade. But he is a true citizen of the world who can feel at ease in the conflict zones of Congo and Somalia, or photographing farmers in the Swiss mountains. He is a founding member of MAPS agency.


Dominic has been recognized among this decade’s most prolific and talented photographers. A contract photographer for TIME magazine, the New Yorker, Der Spiegel and Stern among others, his numerous honours and exhibitions include a World Press Photo Award, The Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award, the prestigious Swiss Foundation for Photography, Rencontres Photographiques d’Arles and Visa pour l’image in Perpignan, France.


Leica was among the first to recognize his talent and contribution, appointing him Leica ambassador in Switzerland. He was featured many times in LFI magazine including a cover on vol. 4, 2015.


His signature style is respectful, always paying equal attention to the people and their environments. Graphic, sharply lit and filled with raw emotion, a Dominic Nahr photograph is always compelling and instantly recognizable.   




Roger LeMoyne


Roger Lemoyne has been called the dean of Canadian photojournalism. He is one of a handful of photographers of his generation who set their sights on photojournalism writ large, working mainly beyond the comfort of our Canadian borders. 


Since the 1990s, he has been documenting the human condition, conflicts and human rights issues across the globe. His work has been published in GeoParis-Match, Life and Maclean’s to name a few. His first book, Détails Obscurs – a look at the effects of contemporary conflict on civilians – was published in 2005 and won prizes in France, the USA and Canada.


His images have garnered more than 50 awards internationally, including a World Press Photo in 1999 for his coverage of the Kosovo conflict, the World Understanding Award from POYi (Missouri School of Journalism) 2006, the Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor Prize (Duke University) in 2007, The Michener – Deacon fellowship in 2013 and a National Magazine Award 2014.


I’m not sure what prompted Roger to become a photographer, but it is obvious that his raw talent, his hard work and his need to connect with other humans around our planet were factors that even today, give his photographs a clarity of vision, cohesiveness and strength. A photograph of Roger LeMoyne = Artistry x Narrative x Nuance!


As always, Leica’s technical rep extraordinaire and manager of the Leica Akademie, Tom Smith will be present to offer his knowledge and expertise. Also, a complete Leica M system will be available for you to try and use over the three days.

The M Vision workshop is not a how-to approach to technical excellence. It is meant to inspire, to hone your mind’s eye, and to support your efforts to create truly memorable images filled with emotion, accomplished with perfect timing, and kindled by a strong connection between the subject and photographer.

M Vision Atelier 2019 will be limited to just 12 participants. Please reserve your place as soon as possible!


The Event: M Vision Atelier 2019
The Dates: Friday, May 24 thru Sunday, May 26
The Place: Montreal
The Purpose: To examine, inspire, improve and have fun!
The instructors: Roger Lemoyne, Dominic Nahr 
The cost: $445, covering equipment rentals, some meals, and instructors’ remuneration
Participants: Limited to 12


Registration requests should be sent by May 10, 2019.


Registration will be confirmed upon receipt of your payment. (We do play favourites, giving priority to participants from previous years’ ateliers.)


Workshop is full. Please email us if you wish to be on the waiting list.


What is M-Vision?

I believe that it is 50% of what makes an M camera great. Its uniqueness lies in the rangefinder's elegant simplicity: look through the viewfinder and see an undisturbed image of life! Nothing is dramatized or distorted. Your vision and your purpose are paramount.


Held annually, the M Vision Atelier features two renowned photographers who spend a weekend with a small group of participants exploring different approaches, styles and applications to help nurture our unique way of seeing. The emphasis is placed on getting out there, taking photographs and having fun. The atelier is a nonprofit endeavour. Fees cover only a portion of our actual cost.


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