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Leica M10-P, Hello Silence my Old Friend

22 Aug 2018

Hello Silence, my Old Friend ..


The M8 – seems like ancient history, eh? – was the breakthrough that proclaimed Leica relevant in the digital age.


But this first digital M was a long way from matching the form and function of its film predecessors. While improvement has been noticeable in subsequent generations (M9, M240, M10 and others), the feel, intimacy and discreetness that made film Ms so desirable, was still lacking. 


The wait is over! The new M10-P is the digital M with perfect form, function and discreetness. When I held the M10-P in my hands, looked through that extra bright and wide viewfinder and pressed the shutter, my heart skipped a beat. It feels even quieter and smoother than my M6! How did they do that? It’s smooth, quiet and oh-so-pleasant to the ear, but you better listen carefully or you'll miss it! 

The M10-P brings other improvements over the M10. The much-missed levelling function? It’s back. The new firmware includes other practical features like a touch screen that can control the light meter and image magnification. But at the end of the day, it’s that quiet shutter that will make you fall in love with the M experience all over again. 
Leica has quietly achieved perfection to the power of 2. The M10-P is like reuniting with an old friend: no need for talk or noise, it just feels good to be together again! The M10-P, Perfektion to the Power of 2 - Jean B.


Books to discover that you can judge by the Cover!

26 May 2018

As most visitors to the boutique already know, featuring artistic and thought-provoking photography books is a calling we cherish. We take pride in curating and handpicking books that are pertinent, timeless and inspiring.  


During a recent visit to a photo book fair south of the border, I came upon four outstanding efforts by renowned giants of twentieth-century photography. Their unique styles, visions and approaches are displayed in volumes rich in pictures with texts that chronicle the process and paths behind the work.   


Any one of these books will enrich your personal library, and will nourish your photographic passion and interests. Collectively, they are great tools that provide deeper insight into the making of a  superior photo essay. 


The books are available in limited quantities. Three of them are special editions, signed by the artist.




Violet Isle - Alex Webb and Rebecca Noris Webb - Signed by Alex and Rebecca 

This multi-layered portrait of “the violet isle”—a little-known name for Cuba inspired by the rich color of the soil there—presents an engaging, at times unsettling document of a vibrant and vulnerable land. It combines two separate photographic visions: Alex Webb’s exploration of street life, with his attuned and complex attention to detail, and Rebecca Norris Webb’s fascination with the unique, quixotic collections of animals she discovered there, from tiny zoos and pigeon societies to hand-painted natural history displays and quirky personal menageries. The result is an insightful and intriguing blend of two different aesthetics inspired by Cuba’s existence over the last fifty years in an economic, political, cultural and ecological bubble virtually untouched by the rest of the world, and unlikely to remain that way for much longer.




This is the first in a series of four multi-volume sets dedicated to the work of Sam Abell, one of America’s most influential photographers and teachers.


This four-year publishing endeavor, ultimately comprising sixteen separate volumes, is the most comprehensive expression to date of Abell’s work. In each set of four volumes Abell takes up a theme important to the history of art: the photography of places; the photography of nature; the photography of the past; and the photography of ideas.  Each volume features Abell’s iconic images set for the first time in the context of his extensive never-before-published work.  Essays by Abell appear throughout the sixteen volumes.


The first boxed set begins with an introductory volume, with an illustrated essay by Leah Bendavid-Val, examining Abell’s evolution as an artist. Successive volumes then showcase three distinct cultures—the raw aesthetic of Newfoundland; the refinement of Hagi, Japan; and the reptilian character of Northern Australia.




At the Crossroads of American Photography examines the aesthetic interrelationship of three photographers who helped define the course of American photography: Frederick Sommer, Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind. Although each has been honored with individual museum retrospectives, this is the first full comparison of their work and exploration of their robust, prescient exchange of ideas about photography, abstraction and metaphor. Self-taught as photographers, they helped shape a national community of peers and the evolution of photography as an art form. They are the bridge between the purity of Group f/64-era photography at mid-century and the hybrid approaches to the medium seen today.


These men, whose professional friendships span 25 years, were dubbed the “holy trinity” of American photography. This exhibition and publication highlight the powerful role of such camaraderie in shaping photography at this seminal time, before the emergence of a market for photography and before widespread artistic acceptance of the medium. It brings to light contrasting philosophies of the artist/photographer’s role (influenced by existentialism for Siskind and by the writings of Spinoza for Sommer); the interest in chance as an artistic process; the expressive potential of photographic ‘found’ objects and ‘collage’; experimental abstraction; close affiliations with “fine art” movements (New Bauhaus, Abstract Expressionism and Surrealism); and changing attitudes toward the fine-print tradition. This project explores the intellectual genealogy of American photography, as well as the artistic personalities that helped define photographic education in this country for generations to come.


This publication, which accompanies an exhibition at The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, includes 66 of the most seminal images from the show (22 by each photographer), a thorough text by guest curator Keith F. Davis, an essay by Dr. Britt Salvesen, and a complete exhibition checklist. The images included in the exhibtion will be borrowed from the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Frederick and Frances Sommer Foundation in Prescott, and a heretofore unseen vast private collection in northern Arizona, which are together nearly comprehensive and of especially remarkable high quality.

Susan Meiselas: Mediations - Signed and dated by Susan


A member of Magnum Photos since 1976, Susan Meiselas became known for her work in the conflict zones of Central America in the 1970s and '80s and for the strength of her color photography. Covering many subjects and countries, from war to human-rights issues and from cultural identity to the sex industry, Meiselas uses photography, film, video and sometimes archive material, as she relentlessly explores and develops narratives integrating the participation of her subjects in her works. Meiselas constantly questions the photographic process and her role as witness.


Presenting a selection of works from the 1970s through the present day, Susan Meiselas: Mediations retraces her trajectory from the 1970s to the present. Published to accompany a major traveling retrospective of the photographer’s work, it features an illustrious list of contributors that includes Ariella Azoulay, Eduardo Cadava and Kristin Lubben, among others.


The Big Nikon Spring Cleaning

27 Apr 2018

Bring your Nikon DSLR camera for a complimentary Spring cleaning.


We will preform the following:

*Cleaning the outer shell of the body, lens mount and control surroundings 

*Cleaning the front and back elements of the lens (one lens only) 

*Professional Sensor cleaning 


Camtec Photo is not responsible for any scratches or marks on the camera, lens or sensor or any malfunction that can result from the cleaning. Customer are invited to bring their cameras with a fully charged battery. We will do our best to complete the cleaning as fast as possible, but the equipment needs to stay at the boutique for a minimum of two hours and can take up to one day.

Parallax, April 2018

16 Apr 2018

Dear rangefinder enthusiasts and classic photographers, our latest Parallax newsletter is online!


- AIPAD 2018!
- Finally, A Bountiful Harvest
- A Day of Nature Photography and Creativity

Fujifilm Canada and Camtec Photo are Happy to invite you to the Fujifilm Day Event on March 24 2018

09 Mar 2018

Fujifilm Canada and Camtec Photo are Happy to invite you to the Fujifilm Day Event on March 24 2018.

The winners of “Let the Children Play!” Photo Contest will be announced.

Mark your calendar: Our Fuji X Event will begin at 9:00 AM, Saturday, March 24, at our 26 Notre-Dame east boutique. We look forward to seeing you there. 


Meet and chat with Fuji-Guy extraordinaire Billy Luong along with technical rep Francis Bellefeuille and Rep Charles-André Pelletier. The complete line of Fuji X, including the new state-of-the-art X-H1, GFX Cameras and Fuji Lenses will be demonstrated.


Extra Special discounts will be offered on Fujilm products. Also, a prize will be awarded to one of our lucky attendees!


After the presentation, winners of our “Let the Children Play!” contest will be revealed. Do not miss this exciting gathering! 

• 9:00 AM: general welcome with coffee and croissants 
• New products demonstration and talk with Billy, Francis and Charles-André
• 11:00 AM:  Announcement of the winners of the “Let the Children Play!” contest
• Photo walk with the Camtec and Fuji Guys

Many thanks and congratulations to the photographers who participated and submitted creative and beautiful images that captured the joy and energy of children!


Journée Fujifilm mars 2017 Journée Fujifilm mars 2017 Journée Fujifilm mars 2017 Journée Fujifilm mars 2017 Fujifilm X-H1 Fujifilm GFX 50S

Announcing Fujifilm “Let the Children Play” photo contest and event.

16 Feb 2018

To celebrate the joy and energy of children playing, Camtec Photo and Fujifilm Canada are thrilled and proud to sponsor:

“Let the Children Play” Photo Contest 

Spread the Joy! 


The energy exuded by kids having fun is wonderful to witness, and a sheer delight to photograph. A rollicking game of street hockey, splashing about a city fountain, hide-and-go-seek or just plain horsing around, playing is a subject that never gets old! Entries are open from now until March 17, 2018


Results will be announced during our Fuji Event and Photo Walk which will be held on Saturday, March 24 at 9:00 AM


Three Prizes will be awarded:


First Prize:         $800 Gift Certificate towards Fuji Products
Second Prize:     $400 Gift Certificate towards Fuji Products
Third Prize:        $150 Gift Certificate towards Fuji Products


Go out, take pictures, then send us your best! Be certain that your images adhere to the theme and are appropriate in every respect. 


General Rules:


  • The theme of the contest is “Let the Children Play.” Photographs should highlight what makes the playful nature of children so extraordinary and beautiful to witness. 
  • Photographs should capture children in a playful mood and activity transmitting a sense of joy!
  • It is essential that the photographs be appropriate in every respect.
  • Be certain your pictures adhere to the theme.
  • Contest is open to all residents of Quebec.
  • Entries must be received no later than 23:59 on March 17, 2018. Results will be announced on Saturday, March 24, during a special Fujifilm event to be held at Camtec Photo, 26 Notre-Dame east.
  • Each participant can enter up to two images in either colour or black and white. Photos can be taken with any camera (not only Fujifilm).
  • Files submitted must be in JPEG and have a resolution of 4000 pixels on the long side.
  • Please include your name, telephone number and the camera and lens used for the capture.
  • Entries must be sent to concours@camtecphoto.com. We will email an acknowledgement to you.
  • By submitting an entry the participant authorizes Camtec Photo and Fujifilm Canada to use and publish the images submitted for the strict purpose and within the context of this contest only.
  • The submitted images will not be used for any other purpose promotional or otherwise. The photographer will remain the sole proprietor of his or her images.   
  • A three-person jury will choose the contest winners.


©Jean B ©Jean B ©Jean B ©Daniel Weiner ©Jean B ©Jean B ©Jean B ©Mark Tomalty

Better Late Than Never: Summicron-SL 75mm f/2 ASPH and Summicron-SL 90mm f/2 ASPH

17 Jan 2018

Ah! the clock is always slow; 
It is later than you think…
        Robert W. Service


The “new” Leica SL system held promise of a major breakthrough for Leica: a world-class entry into the fast-moving mirrorless camera space. The SL as a camera delivered in spades, with unrivaled precision and image quality. Equipped with quick and precise autofocus, a nonpareil EVF and a world-beating 24 MP sensor, it combined the performance of a DSLR with the agility and handling of a rangefinder/mirrorless, albeit a rather hefty one.


Contrast the nimbleness of the camera with the lack of system support. The development of the SL system has been too SL-O-W! Not even the most audacious marketer could put a positive spin on the gestation period for SL lenses that were promised two-plus years ago. Simply stated, a product announcement in 2016 finally becoming available in February 2018 just doesn’t cut it. 


While the 75mm and 90mm primes are interesting choices in growing the lineup, I do find the focal lengths to be remarkably close. My preference? The 90mm for its classic portrait length and, to my eye, ideal compression, but both promise to be nonpareil performers with outstanding sharpness and contrast, and little chromatic aberration. (Isn’t that what we rightfully expect from a modern Leica optic?)


Other M I A optics include a 35mm and 50mm Summicron, with delivery expected in the latter half of 2018. Also, stuck somewhere in the pipeline is a much-anticipated 16-35mm Elmar


Let’s hope that the floodgates are finally opening. All I can say is, “It’s about time!”  


Leica CL and Noctilux-M 75 mm f/1.25 ASPH

16 Dec 2017

Leica CL: The M companion that always delivered


Before the turn of the century, when film was the only way to capture a photograph, Leica’s mighty M6 ruled the roost. Like any great superhero tandem – Batman and Robin, Thor and Hulk – I would occasionally turn to its more diminutive partner, the CL, when I wanted to sling something ultra compact and light over my shoulder. With the beautifully smooth Summicron 40mm, it was no bigger than an average fixed-lens compact 35mm, but the results were incontestably up to Leica level. The compact CL was different from but every bit as good as its big brothers in the M lineup, built to the standards that Oscar Barnack and Ernst Leitz demanded from the get-go.  


The new digital CL is cut from the same cloth. In APS-C format, the feel, functions and results are every bit Leica. No detail was overlooked and, like a classic Leica, there is nothing extraneous. Beautifully sleek and simple, the camera will always do what you want it to do, sans post-graduate degree in menu and computer navigation. 


Announced with the CL is the Elmarit-TL 18mm f2.8 ultracompact lens. With an angle of view equivalent to 27mm, the 18mm is the perfect companion ready to capture life as it unfolds around you. Street, people, architecture, landscapes, like its grandaddy film CL, when you sling the camera and 18mm over your shoulder, you will certainly not be disappointed with the results.


Click here for a PDF outlining the major features or, better yet, drop by the boutique to experience this striking addition to the Leica lineup of digital cameras.  


Noct you average lens !!


Leica lovers, our cup runneth over. November has been an especially bountiful month. First the CL, now this: an M-Noctilux 75mm F1.25 ASPH! 


Rumours were true. The engineers in Wetzlar have outdone themselves in designing and manufacturing extraordinary cameras and lenses that are more than a cut above what is being produced on the other side of the world. Here's the lowdown on this astonishing optic. 


Building on the legacies of the beloved, elder-statesman Summilux 75 and the legendary Noctilux 50, the M-Noctilux 75mm F1.25 ASPH is ultra sharp, but with an eye-pleasing roundness and natural look that gives a dimensionality only Leica optics can achieve. Even at f1.25, the contrast is there; beautiful, but not overpowering, yielding remarkable tonality, natural colours and faithful skin tones. 


Take a look at these amazing features.



Parallax, December 2017

15 Dec 2017

Dear rangefinder enthusiasts and classic photographers, our latest Parallax newsletter is online!


Was ist neu in Leica?
Leica CL: The M Companion That Always Delivered
- Noct Your Average Lens!
Celebrate the Holidays and Canada’s 150th Birthday In Style with this Rare and Unique Leica Ensemble 
- And...




Dear rangefinder enthusiasts and classic photographers, 
Thank you for allowing us to share some news and random thoughts with you.


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