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Leica CL and Noctilux-M 75 mm f/1.25 ASPH

29 Nov 2017

Leica CL: The M companion that always delivered


Before the turn of the century, when film was the only way to capture a photograph, Leica’s mighty M6 ruled the roost. Like any great superhero tandem – Batman and Robin, Thor and Hulk – I would occasionally turn to its more diminutive partner, the CL, when I wanted to sling something ultra compact and light over my shoulder. With the beautifully smooth Summicron 40mm, it was no bigger than an average fixed-lens compact 35mm, but the results were incontestably up to Leica level. The compact CL was different from but every bit as good as its big brothers in the M lineup, built to the standards that Oscar Barnack and Ernst Leitz demanded from the get-go.  


The new digital CL is cut from the same cloth. In APS-C format, the feel, functions and results are every bit Leica. No detail was overlooked and, like a classic Leica, there is nothing extraneous. Beautifully sleek and simple, the camera will always do what you want it to do, sans post-graduate degree in menu and computer navigation. 


Announced with the CL is the Elmarit-TL 18mm f2.8 ultracompact lens. With an angle of view equivalent to 27mm, the 18mm is the perfect companion ready to capture life as it unfolds around you. Street, people, architecture, landscapes, like its grandaddy film CL, when you sling the camera and 18mm over your shoulder, you will certainly not be disappointed with the results.


Click here for a PDF outlining the major features or, better yet, drop by the boutique to experience this striking addition to the Leica lineup of digital cameras.  


Noct you average lens !!


Leica lovers, our cup runneth over. November has been an especially bountiful month. First the CL, now this: an M-Noctilux 75mm F1.25 ASPH! 


Rumours were true. The engineers in Wetzlar have outdone themselves in designing and manufacturing extraordinary cameras and lenses that are more than a cut above what is being produced on the other side of the world. Here's the lowdown on this astonishing optic. 


Building on the legacies of the beloved, elder-statesman Summilux 75 and the legendary Noctilux 50, the M-Noctilux 75mm F1.25 ASPH is ultra sharp, but with an eye-pleasing roundness and natural look that gives a dimensionality only Leica optics can achieve. Even at f1.25, the contrast is there; beautiful, but not overpowering, yielding remarkable tonality, natural colours and faithful skin tones. 


Take a look at these amazing features.



Zoom: Photo festival Saguenay 2017

26 Oct 2017


Ideal atmospheric conditions describes both the weather and the ambience during the 2017 edition of Zoom: Photo Festival Saguenay. The Leica Q was a perfect tag-along during the event, recording the gatherings, exhibits, walks and the drive along the Saguenay fjord.


The eighth edition of this international gathering of photojournalists and photo enthusiasts, attracted a top-tier roster of photo editors and publications including National Geographic, Geo, The Globe and Mail and Agence France-Presse


Camtec Photo and Leica Camera took great pleasure presenting Adrienne Surprenant with the prize for human nature in her moving photo essay, Drought Made Us Equal. Documenting the tragedy of the two-year famine in Somalia and South Sudan, she presented images that were poignant, respectful, even optimistic, documenting how people cope and confront the challenges of survival.


Equally impressive was the work of Renaud Philippe, documenting the underreported civil war in South Sudan. His images are meaningful, strong and perfectly composed and structured.


Corentin Fohlen broke the mould with his beautifully designed book, HAITI, a nation sadly renowned for misery and disaster. Taking a fresh approach that did not diminish the great challenges the country faces, he shows Haiti and Haitians in an uplifting way that raises the spirit. I have a copy of the book at the boutique. Please stop in to peruse it. 


I also loved Sarah Caron’s striking photography of the Kalash of Afghanistan. She captures their inherent dignity, while peering deep into their social fabric to reveal what makes these descendants of Alexander the Great, a very special group in our family of man. Finally, La Presse’s Martin Tremblay showed us that moving and compelling photo reportage can illuminate issues right on our doorstep, with his documentation of refugees streaming over the U.S.-Canada border just south of Montreal.


I love walking and am fascinated with bridges, so it was a guilty pleasure to view Francesca Magniani's on-going oeuvre involving pedestrians of all colours, shapes and sizes crossing the Williamsburg Bridge between Brooklyn and Manhattan. The collection is humorous and quirky, marching to the beat of its own drum! Not surprisingly, these delightful moments are captured with her Leica Q.   


In a remarkably short period of time, Zoom: Photo Festival Saguenay has become a formidable gathering that captures the region’s flair while successfully looking beyond the horizon line. Much like Cannes hosts the world’s filmmakers and filmgoers, it will be interesting and exciting to see if the organizers can make this event a world-class, annual destination of choice for practitioners and followers of photojournalism.



New accessories for the fall!

01 Sep 2017

More Artists and More Artisans!


We are pleased and excited to offer and expanded selection of the Hi-Quality straps and cases from the renown Japanese manufacturer Artisan & Artist. Made using the finest Italian leather, japanese silk and other quality materials the straps of Artisan & Artist and a are light, durable, discrete and extremely practical. Cases, bags and accessories are equally well made. I can say from personal experience that they maintain their shape and look and will give a lifetime of enjoyments. 



The Hancrafted Straps of Harry Benz.


New to Camtec Photo and Leica Boutique Montreal The Fine Straps of Harry Benz.
Harry has been a friend, a client for a long time. I am honoured that he selected us to represent his fine line of meticulously handcrafted straps. 


Harry uses exclusively Water-Buffalo leather in crafting his straps. It is superior and stronger than cowhide. At the same time it is wonderfully flexible and smooth. Also, Water-Buffalo does not stretch and will not become slippery with time and wear. 



23 Aug 2017

Dear rangefinder enthusiasts and classic photographers, our latest Parallax newsletter is online!

- Repositioning the SL: Less Dollars = More Sense
- Leica TL2: This Time, T Stands for Terrific
- Immediate Delivery of the M10 in any Colour You Want, as Long as its Black
- Stanley Greene: Courage and Conviction
- Ready for Prime Time: Zoom Documentary Photo Festival
- Get The Book! Bill Allard Redux
- Le strade della Puglia e della Sicilia
- Call Us Canadians

The Photo Academy - Montreal

19 Jun 2017


We are thrilled and enthusiastic to be affiliated with The Photo Academy, an enterprise dedicated to teaching and promoting the photographic passion.


The Montreal branch of this dynamic and knowledge-based academy has all the tools to be a leading force in the field of apprenticing the techniques and the creative principles of photography. 


With their multileveled, multilayer theory in-class program and their practical outdoors hands-on photo walks and workshops, you will gain the necessary tools and knowledge to nourish your photographic passion and chart your individual path. 


As a client of Camtec Photo, you will have a special discount on your first Photo Course.


Please use this link and use the promo code “CAMTEC25” to enrol. 



Dear rangefinder enthusiasts and classic photographers, 
Thank you for allowing us to share some news and random thoughts with you.


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