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Lost and Found - Bruce Gilden



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9782365112444 - Lost and Found - Bruce Gilden

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The Genesis of a Legendary Style by a Most Singular Photographer

A veritable treasure trove of photographs from widely acclaimed street photographer Bruce Gilden, Lost and Found features 100+ images of life in New York City from 1978-1984. Misplaced, mislaid and forgotten, the book is edited and assembled from a collection of photographs rediscovered 40 years later. 

The iconic style with its signature proximity to the subject, is unmistakably identifiable even in its nascent stage. In each photograph – perfectly but not classically framed – the viewer is drawn to a personality in the crowd. What sets Bruce Gilden apart from other street photographers, is a great comfort with and mastery of haphazardness. These are reactive images, but there is nevertheless a feeling of control that the photographer exerts over the moment, perhaps brought about by his keen understanding of the foibles, quirks, eccentricities and strengths of the human condition. 


Bruce Gilden is an American photographer and member of the Magnum Photos Agency. After moving house, Gilden discovered hundreds of reels and negatives of work produced in New York, his native city, between 1978 and 1984. From among these thousands of previously unseen images, Gilden selected around on hundred photographs.

This historic archive, resurfacing forty years later, portrays a timeless New York and reveals a little-known chapter of the artist's work: images taken without a flash and almost exclusively horizontally - the opposite of what he was to become famous for years later. The interview accompanying the photographs, conducted by Sophie Darmaillacq, explores the photographer's development through his personal background but also his influences and relationship to others.

Lost & Found already reveals the elements characteristic of Bruce Gilden 's images: sustained movement and tension, as well as an instinctive and irreverent affection for his subjects - in perfect complicity with his city.