Mark Tomalty: Montreal Winter Nights

It’s another dark, damp, cold and blustery night in this endless winter. There’s either black ice or rivers of slush making every step treacherous. If you are like most of us, you’re looking to get inside, get warm and curl up for the evening. Well, Mark Tomalty is not like most of us! For this prolific and talented visual artist, these conditions are just perfect to grab his camera and hit the city streets. 


Through his camera’s eye, familiar roads and neighbourhoods are revealed in a subtle and beautiful light enhanced by the snow. Mark uses his great capacity of seeing and understanding light, shadow, colour and symmetry to create photographs that encapsulate the essence of Montreal. These are signature Tomalty images: technically perfect, with a beauty and simplicity of composition that belies the extraordinary effort involved in capturing just the right moment.


I invite you to appreciate Mark’s artistry on the exhibition wall at the boutique. Beautifully printed on Exhibition fiber paper, they are guaranteed to inspire and, yes, they look much better printed than on the screen!  Limited Edition Prints are available to Purchase. Please Contact Mark for details.


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