From Idiosyncratic to Prepossessing - Jean B.

Early in the summer, My wife and I indulged in a European vacation that underscored the remarkable range of heritage, customs, lifestyles, values, even civilizations that exist in relatively close proximity. We delighted in and appreciated the quirkiness of Copenhagen and the Danes who are undeniably polished, educated, and socially enlightened. 


Northern Spain captured our hearts. The region beams with pride, elegance and panache, confident of its place and sense of deep roots. The crown jewel is Bilbao: streets brimming with life, pushing forward with an aesthetic flair – witness the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum – belying its industrial past. 



While I did my best to photograph the character and contrasts in these European opposites, it was a daunting task. Simply put, everywhere we went was just so nice! This raises an issue that I had not seriously pondered before. Are we too programmed to seek out grittiness in street photography? Whether in the early morning or late at night, the streets, alleys, highways and byways of Denmark and Northern Spain were anything but mean. 

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