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Parallax, September 2018

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Dear rangefinder enthusiasts and classic photographers, 
Thank you for allowing us to share some news and random thoughts with you.


M10-P – Perfektion to the Power of Two!

It’s been over 100+ years since Oskar Barnack conceived the Leica camera, guided by the principles of simplicity, clarity and portability. 12 years after the first digital M and 64 years after the first M, the new M10-P delivers on that original vision and turns purpose, potential and intent into a stunning reality. 


Photography is an extension of vision, and both the M10 and M10-P are equipped with the best rangefinder/viewfinder, ever! Providing the clearest, widest and highest magnification of all digital M rangefinders. All to make capturing your vision that much more direct and simple. And the decisive moment of capture is redefined by the M10-P as the shutter click becomes a barely discernible, oh-so-seductive punctuation mark that is perfectly audible to the photographer and barely a whisper to everyone around. Let me be clear, this technology of the silent shutter that Leica ushered in, is 100% mechanical shutter capable of freezing motion without the distortion of other silent shutters that scan the sensor. 


Somewhere in the great beyond, Steve Jobs is green with envy. The sleek, unembellished design and impeccable finish of the M10-P will, like a Stradivarius violin inspires a virtuoso, bring out the very best in photographers. The simplified menu and streamlining of the controls makes this Leica the ultimate example of form following function.


Unlike previous cameras, I’m happy to report that the M10-P is almost readily available. Of course, when you drop into the Boutique, we’ll always have a demo on hand.  


From Idiosyncratic to Prepossessing: A Tale of Two Cultures

Early in the summer, Rita and I indulged in a European vacation that underscored the remarkable range of heritage, customs, lifestyles, values, even civilizations that exist in relatively close proximity. We delighted in and appreciated the quirkiness of the Danes who are undeniably polished, educated, and socially enlightened. Copenhagen is simply charming. Can you think of another city who’s symbol is a statue based on a fairy tale? 


Northern Spain captured our hearts. The region beams with pride, elegance and panache, confident of its place and sense of deep roots. The crown jewel is Bilbao: streets brimming with life, pushing forward with an aesthetic flair – witness the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum – belying its industrial past. 


While I did my best to photograph the character and contrasts in these European opposites, it was a daunting task. Simply put, everywhere we went was just so nice! This raises an issue that I had not seriously pondered before. Are we too programmed to seek out the gritty and the seedy in street photography? Whether in the early morning or late at night, the streets, alleys, highways and byways of Denmark and Northern Spain were anything but dirty and mean.


Full gallery here!


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

On the silver screen, day after day the Evil Queen in Snow White stares at her image reflected in the mirror. But just as the golden era of hand-drawn animation and celluloid drew to a close, we’re having a final curtain call for the single lens reflex camera.


Nikon recently announced their full-frame, Z series of mirrorless cameras. With a modern, nearly cavernous mount, are we seeing the end of the iconic F mount? While a longtime leader in DSLR technology, Nikon is in the unfamiliar and precarious position of playing catchup to the established mirrorless manufacturers which have a decade’s head start. 


Aside from the big Nikon news, the spring and summer of 2018 were abuzz with the latest offerings from Fuji and Sony. It seems that the Fujifilm XH-1 and the rumored XT-3 are, with their girth and complexity, inching closer to becoming the DSLR they strove to replace. That said, Fuji, to my mind, is the best entry point to the mirrorless world, due to the quality and value of their lenses.  


Sony continues to make increasingly better, high-performance cameras, but their lens offerings are a real minefield. (How many 50mm lenses and at how many price points do consumers really need?) There are proven optical gems in the E-mount lineup, but expect heavy weight and a heavier price if you opt for the best.


The age of the mirrored camera is drawing to a close. Isn’t it funny that the odd-man-out Leica M that scratched, clawed and persevered through the latter half of the twentieth century, has proven to be the go-to architecture for future camera designs?


A Quick Comment on the World Press Photo Exhibition

The photographs are, as always, compelling and heart-wrenching, but I did notice the number of pictures from war zones is down. A reflection of what? I don’t know, but very welcomed. 

Kudos go out to the organizers for the superior production, lighting, arrangement and text. These are no small matters and made the photography all that much more weighty and powerful.


The exhibition runs from 29 August thru 30 September at Marché Bonsecours, 325 rue de la Commune Est, Montreal, QC.
Mon – Wed: 10:00 – 22:00
Thurs – Sat: 10:00 - 24:00
Sun – 10:00 - 22:00

Regular admission: $14;
Students and those 65+ years old: $11



Always looking forward to your comments.

                Photographically yours,

                Jean Bardaji and Daniel Wiener


What’s a Book Worth?

We all go through dry spells, periods where things just don’t click or motivation is lacking. My surefire remedy is to grab a book. Whether I carefully peruse the images or flip through them, I can feel the inspiration settling in.


I have to admit that my hobby of collecting books has grown to obsessive levels over the years. I recently decided to share the pleasure of viewing and appreciating some of the rare books in my collection. Due to a lack of space, I’ll bring in about a dozen books at a time to display at the Boutique. We’ve placed prices on them if something truly strikes your fancy. Some of these books are rare first editions, special editions that in many cases include prints, some are signed and numbered. I take great pride in the number of enthusiasts who visit our regular book section. I curate and choose what I think is pertinent and most books are sold at near cost. 


Here is a sample list of books that we are currently featuring:


Bruce Davidson
Time Of Change - Civil Rights Photographs 1961-1965
First edition Inscribed to Jay and Rose Deutsch of Leica gallery NY and bought from them. $525


Robert Doisneau
Trois Secondes d’Éternité
Signed - Ltd Edition 85/100


Helen Levitt
A Way Of Seeing
Signed - Edition 142/250
Danny Lyon
Pictured From The New World
First edition - Signed


Sebastião Salgado
First edition- Signed


Martin Parr
The Non-Conformists 
Signed - Ltd Edition with silver Print 6/100


Steven B. Smith
Waiting Out the Latter Days
Signed - with edition silver print 22/50


And the always inspiring master of Light and Shadows: Ray K. Metzker
City Stills
First Edition


See the current selection here.


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