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Parallax, October 2019

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Dear rangefinder enthusiasts and classic photographers, 
Thank you for allowing us to share some news and random thoughts with you.

A Super-Duper Zoom….(festival!)


Once a best-kept secret, the Saguenay region’s Zoom Photo Festival can no longer hide in the shadows. Today, it’s simply the best photo festival in La Belle Province! After a decade of incredible images and events, community involvement and careful growth, Zoom is celebrating its 10th anniversary and, I’m pleased to note, with all that hard work comes worldwide recognition and respect. 


The centrepiece of the festival is La Pulpetrie, a pulp mill the city didn’t raze, but raised to new heights with an architecturally brilliant repurposing. A stone’s throw from the old bridge over the Saguenay River, the centre for culture and the arts is home to poignant exhibitions, informative talks and intimate get-togethers.


Rendez-vous 2019 takes place from October 16 thru 20. I’ll be there – the dorky guy with the Leica Q – and look forward to running into you, sharing a beer (or two), and talking photography. Activities start in the early morning and extend well into the evening. If you can’t make it during the opening event, many of the exhibitions remain up beyond the festival’s official closing. 


Camtec Photo is proud to continue our sponsorship of Zoom’s Human Nature prize; given annually to a photographer who explores, challenges and sheds light upon the human condition. We recognize up-and-coming, energetic photographers who bring their passion and raw talent to document rites of passage, youthful bravado, strength of character, and the toughness of spirit that comes with age; in short, images that show us humankind through storytelling photography. 


The entries for this year are the best I’ve ever seen, but there can only be one winner. Nicolo Filippo Rosso is a young Italian based in Bogota, Colombia, and his photoessay looks at the plight of the Wayuu, an indigenous group living in La Guajira, a region where mining is king. Forgoing the sensational, the images are factual, moving, respectful, and tightly edited. They are accompanied by a brief, finely crafted text that gives context to the photographs. I’m looking forward to telling Mr. Rosso how meaningful and touching his work is.


Zoom Festival - La Pulpetrie

Now, a bit of Gear-talk: To SL or SL2?

4 years have passed since Leica introduced the groundbreaking mirrorless full-frame camera that contributed to the mirrorless revolution sweeping across the photographic landscape. With everything the SL offers, at $5700 it continues to stake a valid claim in the marketplace. I’m not one to get caught up in the megapixel race, and feel that the 24MP sensor is the sweet spot for full-frame file size.


Drumbeats around the imminent announcement of the SL2 caught your attention? Stay tuned for a Christmas surprise! If you are a fan of more megapixels, expect to see around 50. My wish list definitely includes in-body image stabilization. If that doesn’t appear, I’m not sure it will be worth the $2000-$3000 surcharge that will probably be applied.   


On the other hand, if oversized, heavier cameras are not what your osteopath prescribed, have you considered…    


…The Leica CL: The Little Camera That Could

Sharing the same mount with the full-frame SL and, of course, the same superior optical quality found in its TL lenses, this 24 megapixel, APS-C camera is a solid option for anyone aspiring to Leica quality in a reasonably priced, compact, lightweight system. I love its oversized, bright viewfinder, quick operation with controls that are anything but fussy, and diminutive body that doesn’t feel fragile.



Et Tu, Q2?

Over many years I’ve learnt to live with the simple fact that Leica is not a cookie-cutter camera maker that can stamp out thousands of units a week. I’ve grown accustomed to inevitable delivery frustrations, but after the qualified delivery success of the Q and good availability of the Q2 at its launch in March, I was guardedly optimistic that this latest Leica would not get mired in backorder purgatory.


I was wrong! As of today, our backorder list is long and monthly deliveries fall short of demand. What does this mean? The Q2 is still not readily available and a new order will take about 4 weeks to fill. 


Please accept my classic Canadian apology for this shortcoming of our friends in Wetzlar.  


Taller de fotografia de Ron Levine en La Habana!

A good friend of the boutique and one of Montreal’s finest photographers, Ron Levine is a generous, talented coach whose enthusiasm for our favourite métier will inspire your photography and hone your talents.


From November 15 thru November 21, Ron and several Cuban photographers will show you the many faces of Havana while sharing their unique photographic knowledge in what promises to be an exceptional workshop, and an unapologetic homage to a fascinating culture.   


Space is limited to only 8 people. If you wish to reserve, please contact Ron Levine at 514-952-8069,



Always looking forward to your comments.

                Photographically yours,

                Jean Bardaji and Daniel Wiener


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