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Parallax, November 2020

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Dear rangefinder enthusiasts and classic photographers, 

Thank you for allowing us to share some news and random thoughts with you.


The Q2M – The Enduring Power of Black and White

In May 2012, Leica shook up the photography world with the introduction of the first Monochrom camera. Fast-forward eight years to November 2020 as we usher in the newest maestro of black and white, the Q2 Monochrom.


The Leica Q and the upgraded Q2 are the most popular full-frame cameras to come from the venerable Wetzlar camera maker. Bringing uncompromising black-and-white photography to the lineup is a logical progression and underscores a deep, continuing commitment to the power of this medium. Sharing many features with its Q2 sibling, it is set apart by a 47.3 megapixel monochromatic sensor delivering unequaled dynamic range, low noise and sharpness. For the cognoscenti, the Monochrom’s lack of Bayer filter and consequent superior optical resolution, make this an irresistible offering.


But this is much more than a niche product. It is also an intriguing, albeit pricey camera for the rest of us; a swift kick in the creative pants that compels you to see differently while rewarding you with a striking ability to render photographs with uncanny depth and tonality. That’s truly what makes the Q2M a powerful photographic tool that bears your consideration. 


With its simple, timeless  design – to my eye, the matte-black paint finish is the aesthetic cherry on the cake – and its superior, 28mm Summilux lens, the Q2M consistently delivers technically irreproachable images with unique character and atmosphere, aka “the Leica look”.  


Since Dr. Kaufmann took over the reins at Leica, we’ve come to expect levels of innovation and excellence that have significantly raised the bar on photographic equipment. The Q2 Monochrom is the latest result of this creative thinking. 


Come by next week at the boutique, we will have a few cameras available! 


The Genesis of a Legendary Style by a Most Singular Photographer

A veritable treasure trove of photographs from widely acclaimed street photographer Bruce Gilden, Lost and Found features 100+ images of life in New York City from 1978-1984. Misplaced, mislaid and forgotten, the book is edited and assembled from a collection of photographs rediscovered 40 years later. 


The iconic style with its signature proximity to the subject, is unmistakably identifiable even in its nascent stage. In each photograph – perfectly but not classically framed – the viewer is drawn to a personality in the crowd. What sets Bruce Gilden apart from other street photographers, is a great comfort with and mastery of haphazardness. These are reactive images, but there is nevertheless a feeling of control that the photographer exerts over the moment, perhaps brought about by his keen understanding of the foibles, quirks, eccentricities and strengths of the human condition. 


Gilden has a reputation for forthrightness that can be off-putting. When I met him several years ago, he was anything but. Soft-spoken but in thorough command of the subject being discussed, it became apparent that his in-your-face photographic approach does not rub off on the man. 


I am thrilled that we were able to secure a number of signed-by-the-photographer, special-edition copies that will be available in the boutique for your perusal.


Photography in modern times; Buy the Books!

Bertrand Carrière’s contribution as erudite commentator and photographer cannot be understated. Author of 15 photo books, his impressions and documentation of our social fabric as it gets washed over by waves of change, give us reason to pause and consider who we are at heart.


This latest magnum opus, Solstice, is an intimate retrospective of the man behind the camera’s eye. Beautifully designed and printed, its thought-provoking bilingual text guides the reader through a life’s journey of being a photographer, author and teacher.


From his family albums to his traveller’s notebooks, from Gaspé to Ireland through Dieppe and Montreal, his photographs, be they personal or worldly, convey dignity and respect in a broad scope of 20th-century history. The writing is uncomplicated, lovingly imbued with humour and sensitivity as we get to relive his many journeys.


A small number of signed books are available at the boutique


After months of delay and logistical nightmares, our longtime relationship with Magnum Photos and the Aperture Foundation is back on the rails. In the coming days we will be receiving a fresh shipment of photo books to refurbish our dwindling stock, as well as several new editions to add to our library


We have made a special effort to make these books available for online purchase, but we still look forward to seeing you at the boutique. I am proud of our collection which reflects photography that I love, and am confident that any one of these books will make a much-appreciated gift for a photo enthusiast, including a well-deserved gift to yourself! 


Solstice - Bertrand Carrière Solstice - Bertrand Carrière

Born Again Gear!

Are you on a budget but still looking to upgrade your gear, or searching for a particularly difficult-to-find lens or camera which will deliver just the right look? Take a gander at our ample, very attractively priced and constantly changing collection of pre-owned equipment.


At Camtec we welcome trade-ins, but are very selective of what we take in. Every item is thoroughly checked and tested to make sure it meets our exacting standards before it goes out to you. 


The Fujifilm – Camtec Photo “Mini-Shoot in my Neighbour-hoot” Photo Contest

Feeling weary? Pining for a return to normalcy? Welcome to the (virtual) crowd! Restrictions imposed by Covid-19 have created once-in-a-lifetime conditions that stifle and stymy, but can also challenge us to explore, question and reconsider.


Along with enticing prices on Fuji’s most popular cameras and lenses, this photo contest is something to get enthusiastic about. We invite you to revisit the familiar streets and surroundings of your neighbourhood, but avoid falling back into the tried and true. We want to see your newest insightful and memorable images.


Entries are open starting Thursday, November 19. Winners will be announced on Friday, December 18.


Three prizes will be awarded: 

First prize:  $500 Gift Certificate towards Fuji Products 
Second prize: $200 Gift Certificate towards Fuji Products
Third Prize: $100 Gift Certificate towards Fuji Products

Go out, take pictures, then send us your best!


General Rules:

● The theme of the contest is “Un mini reportage dans mon entourage – A Mini-Shoot in my Neighbour-hoot”

● Photographs should capture your neighbourhood and transmit a sense of discovery and joy

● It is essential that the photographs be appropriate in every respect

● Be certain your pictures adhere to the theme

● Contest is open to all residents of Quebec

● Entries must be received no later that 23:59 on Wednesday, December 16, 2020. Results will be announced Friday, December 18

● Each participant can enter up to 2 images in either colour or black and white

● Files submitted must be in JPEG format and have a resolution of 4000 pixels on the long side

● Please include your name, telephone number and the camera and lens used for the capture

● Entries must be sent to We will email an acknowledgement to you 

● By submitting an entry the participant authorizes Camtec Photo and Fujifilm Canada to use and publish the images submitted for the strict purpose and within the context of this contest only

● The submitted images will not be used for any other purpose promotional or otherwise. The photographer will remain the sole proprietor of his or her images

● A three-person jury will choose the contest winners


©Daniel Wiener ©Daniel Wiener ©Jean Bardaji ©Jean Bardaji

Always looking forward to your comments.

Photographically yours,

                Jean Bardaji and Daniel Wiener



Last minute news!

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