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Parallax, May 2017

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Dear rangefinder enthusiasts and classic photographers, 
Thank you for allowing us to share some news and random thoughts with you.


An M10 Springtime: Birds, Bees, and High-Flying Prices!

When I opened my mailbox on April 24, our friends in Wetzlar caught me completely unaware with their proclamation. Justifications, explanations and excuses for the price increases were legion. Predictably, the escalation in cost of major components and currency fluctuations were cited. Perhaps, anticipated trade tensions after the decidedly lukewarm meeting between Angela and The Donald can be thrown into the mix. To make things even worse, Agent Orange’s declaration of war on our dairy cows and pine trees nearly sent the Loonie into a free fall. 

We’re trying to limit damage as much as possible and are doing everything possible to keep deliveries and prices in line. Our commitment to you – especially those who preordered the M10 – is to get the camera in your hands with the shortest delay possible, and at the fairest price. 


Over the past couple of months, I’ve had opportunity and occasion to get to know the M10. Until now, my go-to digital Ms have been the M9 and Monochrom. I coveted the film-like characteristics of the CCD sensor but, with this newest CMOS in the M10, it is clear that Leica has ascended to the pinnacle of sensor performance. The dynamic range is unlike anything I have ever seen with shadow details that are flexible, pliable and decidedly realistic. Noise level at higher ISO is beautifully controlled, with very smooth transitions between mid-tones and highlights. 


It’s a given that using an M10 with the newest generation of lenses will yield results that are unsurpassed. But it was a true revelation when I coupled my favourite old Leica glass – the Summicron 35mm v4, Summilux 35mm v1, and a pre-aspheric Summilux 50mm – to this latest Leica M. The results are full of character, with an eye-pleasing sharpness that is not the visual equivalent of nails raking across a chalkboard. The images have an indescribable depth, with buttery smoothness and an ageless quality that flatters the subject today, tomorrow and forever. 


What impressed me most about this most impressive camera? Two achievements which, when taken together, make the M10 the best digital M ever. With weight and thinness matching that of my trusty M7, the camera is an absolute joy to hold. Raise it to eye level and take pleasure in the finest viewfinder Leica has ever produced, affording both a wider view for better composition and increased magnification for ease of focusing. This is no small achievement, and I must commend Leica’s engineers for their vision and courage to concentrate on what is essential instead of adding bells and whistles. 


Unequaled Quality and Unique Qualities = Leica Q

The Leica M10 can produce near-perfect results, but perhaps you would rather use a more compact and automated camera. The Leica Q remains at the top of its class, and by far! Do not mistake this for a point-and-shoot. Tests I made show how both the Q and M10 with 28mm Summilux mounted on it yield equally impressive results, i.e., images with a certain je ne sais quoi that only real Leica glass can produce. With video and autofocus, the Q has more functions than the M. I am happy to report that it is presently available in stock. Please drop by the Boutique to test drive both these superb cameras. 



A Solid Choice

I’ve never been a fan of big and heavy big tripods that can prop up a small car, but sometimes you really do need a tripod. I would like to draw your attention to a line of beautifully designed, handcrafted, carbon-fibre tripods and heads that are most certainly up to the task. 


The manufacturer, FLM, is not new to the business but in the past, has flown under the radar. Located in Emmendingen, Germany, they have produced and supplied tripods branded and sold by a certain camera manufacturer in Wetzlar. For whatever reason, a couple of years ago Leica stopped marketing their products. 


I am happy and pleased to announce that FLM tripods and heads are now available at the Boutique, with better selection and lower prices to boot.


Coming Soon! M Vision 2017: In The Footsteps of Legends

At the end of the month we will be hosting our much-anticipated workshop with the legendary William Albert Allard ably assisted by the incomparable Mark Tomalty. We have been sold out for many weeks but there was one very recent cancellation so that spot is newly available. 


Please contact Jean at the Boutique or email


The 2 Marcs: Meaningful Photography from Eloquent Photographers

In the tradition of promoting beautiful and significant work, I am pleased to introduce you to the images of two photographers and friends of the boutique featured in our Gallery, Marc Nolin and Marc Paradis


Marc Nolin's photographs can be described in one word: “joyful”. In this collection of images, light, line and colour are blended together and celebrated in a panoply of modern Portuguese life. These are pictures guaranteed to brighten your day, and perhaps entice you to go on your own photographic pilgrimage to the Iberian Peninsula.


I once said that a good photograph describes the scene and captures the mindset of the photographer. The images that Marc Paradis produced on Îles de la Madeleine during the winter of 2016, give weight to this observation. His was not an easy task – capturing the nuances of light and texture in the sky, on the ice, and in the sand – made even more difficult by the damp, cold conditions. With great resolve, patience and respect, through his camera's eye he transformed the serene, rugged and open landscape of the Magdalen Islands into a studied collection of memorable images that also reveal the spirit and soul of a true photographer. 



Always looking forward to your comments.

                Photographically yours,

                Jean Bardaji and Daniel Wiener 

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