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Parallax, July 2020

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Dear rangefinder enthusiasts and classic photographers, 

Thank you for allowing us to share some news and random thoughts with you.


Picture Life In The New Normal

Have you noticed a renewed appreciation of the local experience? Neighbourhood parks and paths are offering a welcome refuge from Covid-19’s sobering news. Fortunately, Mother Nature has extended her helping hand by treating us to near-perfect summer weather! We have pivoted away from that dream trip to the barren Icelandic landscape, toward the somewhat familiar landscape near home, and discovered that it too holds remarkable photographic opportunities.


Photography in all its forms is flourishing. In these difficult times, our avocation has offered us more than fun and a creative outlet; it has provided purpose. Photographers are producing work that is insightful and illuminating by turning their cameras not on the distant and unknown, but on the recognizable and commonplace. 


I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to our clientele who stood by us for the last 3 months, and continue to support us whenever need arises. At the boutique, our small team is back on a full-time schedule. We’re more energized than ever to provide you with a personal and thorough shopping experience, and that holds true even if you cannot make it into Camtec. In the Montreal area, I relish the opportunity to deliver your order in person and get the chance to meet with you. Beyond the city, we make our best effort to have your order delivered in a timely manner. That holds true from coast-to-coast-to-coast! 


©Daniel Wiener ©Daniel Wiener ©Daniel Wiener ©Daniel Wiener ©Daniel Wiener ©Daniel Wiener ©Daniel Wiener ©Daniel Wiener

The M10-R: An Upgrade to Perfektion?

More than 3 years after its introduction, I confidently assert that the M10 (or M10-P) remains the finest Leica M, bar none. Its size, handling, viewfinder, shutter and the nonpareil results it is capable of producing, are worthy of the Leica name. But as we all occasionally lament, time marches on. With its 24-megapixel sensor, and after the unqualified success of the 47-megapixel SL2 and Q2, and the incredible M10M Monochrom, the announcement of an upgrade to the superlative M10-P seemed unnecessary, but inevitable. My opinion? I need a 40-megapixel rangefinder camera as much as I need a 40-inch wide printer in my basement. This longtime M user and aficionado is holding on tight to his 24-megapixel M10


While the M10-R is identical to the M10-P in every respect except for the new sensor, based on the comments by respected reviewer Jonathan Slack, the 40 megapixel, custom-made sensor has improvements beyond higher resolution; namely better handling of the highlights and improved tonal range.


As you may have anticipated, we expect cameras to be trickling in for the next 3-4 months. I assure you, your order will be placed in a queue that is honoured and, as in the past, we will work very closely with Leica to insure that our allocations are generous. 


Leica M10-R Leica M10-R Leica M10-R Leica M10-R

Mirrorless, Mirrorless on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

For many years, Fuji and Sony built large customer followings while dominating this sector of the marketplace. Whether Canon and Nikon treated the mirrorless camera as a passing fad or were just too complacent, 2020 marked the year these 2 D-SLR giants finally recognized the superior architecture of mirrorless. 


The Nikon Z series and the newly announced Canon R5 and R6 seal the deal that the future is now. We’re proud to carry both Nikon and Canon, as they are finally serious contenders in this field. 


Nikon Z7 Fujifilm X-T4 Canon EOS R6 Sony A7 III

Adieu, Mon Ami

At the end of June, along with the unspeakable circumstances the world is living through, I reluctantly bid goodbye to Mr. Roger Horn. For many years – ever since I’ve been affiliated with Leica – Roger has been kind, sincere, and helpful. He was always a respected colleague, and he became a trusted friend. Many times we met at Leica USA or in Germany, and shared meaningful conversations and good times. 


I thank him for putting his faith in me to represent this legendary brand, and owe a debt of gratitude to him for his guidance and wisdom. Up until the final moment that Roger held his position as president of Leica USA, he did his job exceptionally. I wish him the very best in retirement. 


I welcome Mr. Mike Giannattasio to the helm of Leica Camera USA, and applaud him when he states in his welcoming letter, “There are great shoes to fill with the departure of my predecessor Roger Horn…” Truer words were never written! 


Our Walking Alone or Hunkered Down at Home contest during the 3 months of confinement proved popular beyond our expectations. I’m happy to say that the selected images are printed and available for viewing in our gallery at the boutique.



©Charles-Olivier Michaud ©Jérôme Arfouche ©Chantelle Fromager ©Audrey Lebrasseur ©Stéphanie Nantel ©Daniel Comeau ©Arturo Pianzola


There’s still a whole lot of summer to go. Wishing everyone a great time filled with fun, family and friends. 


Always looking forward to your comments.

                Photographically yours,

                Jean Bardaji and Daniel Wiener

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