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Parallax, December 2020

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Dear rangefinder enthusiasts and classic photographers, 

Thank you for allowing us to share some news and random thoughts with you.


The battle against Covid-19 in Montreal, Quebec, and across the country is about to enter a new phase. I am, however, confident that sooner rather than later, our fortitude and ingenuity will triumph over this terrible scourge. By the time spring is melting the snow from the streets of Montreal, vigor and vitality will have replaced our current melancholy.


As you may have heard, on December 25, along with other retail outlets and services in the province, our boutique will close until January 11. 


Beginning Monday, December 28, we’ll be looking forward to receiving your emails, phone calls and inquiries.  

514-875-5110 (26 Notre-Dame East location)
514-842-4818 (495 rue McGill location)


As per usual, questions will be answered, orders will be filled, processed and delivered with the same personal service and rigour you’re accustomed to. For orders within the greater Montreal area, whenever possible we will do the deliveries ourselves. 


Health professionals are urging us to participate in open-air activities while social distancing. Photography in the great outdoors will let you do just that. Stay safe.


And the Winners of The Fujifilm – Camtec Photo Mini-Shoot In The Neighbour-Hoot Photo Contest Are…

We were elated with the response and quality of entries! You embraced the theme and your photographs captivated us with outdoor scenery, familiar streets, architecture, and the character and characters of your neighbourhood.  


Our judges, dazzled by your imagination and creativity, spent much time considering and deliberating until they arrived at a consensus. Of course, nothing is straightforward and we were unable to determine a single, second-place winner. So, we have a tie for that position. We also decided as a gesture of admiration, to offer $50 gift certificates to our 4 honourable-mention winners. Without further ado…


1st prize: Victor Dyotte
2nd prize (tie): Pietro Campagnaro, Dominick Gravel
3rd prize: Nicola Lambert
Honourable mentions: Roberto Anania, Jeanne Castonguay-Carrière, Michel Fyen, Michael Vesia


Heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners. I speak for the whole team when I say, “Knowing our photographic community and looking at your wonderful work is a true privilege.”


©Victor Dyotte ©Pietro Campagnaro ©Dominick Gravel ©Nicola Lambert ©Michel Fyen Gagnon ©Michael Vesia ©Jeanne Castonguay-Carrière ©Roberto Anania

Leica SL2-S: Less is More!

Leica’s latest tour de force, the newly introduced SL2-S, is a class-leading hybrid that will be as deft at video capture as it is a consummate photographic tool. Less megapixels does not equal less quality and the 24.6-megapixel back-illuminated sensor – I believe that to be a sweet spot for a digital camera – brings noticeable improvement to low-light performance and makes the SL2-S a compelling choice for photography in demanding situations as well as videography.


There’s a bit of a superhero persona to this camera. At launch, it is a superb photographic tool that will never disappoint in delivering the Leica look, but within 6 months a firmware update will add powerful new software – HEVC video compression for 10-bit, 4K/60p recording, integrated waveform monitor, automatic Follow Focus – to strengthen the already exceptional video performance available with 10-bit 4K and unlimited recording time. Technobabble aside, the SL2-S will rival any video camera on the market at twice the price! 


At heart, the SL2-S is just plain fun to work with. Rock solid, with faultless ergonomics, intuitive menus that are oh-so-easy to navigate, and priced considerably lower than the SL2, this Leica also merits serious consideration by anyone looking at Sony or Canon alternatives. 


First deliveries are expected in mid-January. We are accepting orders and will do our very best to get the camera into your hands as soon as possible.

Last-Minute Shopping

We’ve selected a few items for the passionate photographer or photographer’s family, for every taste and every budget. You’ll find them here.

If you don’t see the gadget you’ve been looking for, you can always count on a photo book to enlighten and inspire. As visitors to the boutique know, photo books are a personal passion. We’ve spent the last three months scouring the photo world looking for exceptional, significant and enduring work. Here are two recently published books I would like to mention.


The Book of Everything. This 3-volume collection from the renowned German publisher, Steidl, is the definitive retrospective of the remarkable images of Mary Ellen Mark, a giant of modern photography.


Guy Glorieux – Rétrospective, 1995-2020, tome 1: Les sténopés. Curious about pinhole photography? One practitioner of the obscure art is Montreal photographer Guy Glorieux who has created the authoritative work of this genre.



With all the heartache of this last year, it is important to remember that we also have much to be thankful for. I’m not dreaming in Technicolor when stating that we are getting closer to taking back our lives from the shadow of Covid-19. Vaccine development and distribution is accelerating by the day, and some of us are beginning to envision life after the pandemic.


The entire Camtec Photo and Leica Boutique team – Alexandre, Emmanuel, Francis, Julien, Fred, Robert, our two wonderful ladies who run our quality lab, Karouna and Laura, and I (Jean) – wish you and your family a merry Christmas, and a new year filled with health, true joy, and beautiful light!  

Always looking forward to your comments.

                Photographically yours,

                Jean Bardaji and Daniel Wiener


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