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Parallax, December 2018

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Dear rangefinder enthusiasts and classic photographers, 
Thank you for allowing us to share some news and random thoughts with you.


It feels like we fast-forwarded straight from steamy summer weather to a state of shivering and shovelling. Fortunately, we have a selection of perfect remedies for curing your winter blues, each lovingly prepared by our preferred photographic producers. All come with a commitment to enthuse and, most importantly, improve our enjoyment of photography, whatever the mercury reads.

Leica: Anticipate Another Banner Year

​The continuing success of the Q and M lineups are assured with new editions that refine, update and, in the case of the new M10 lineup, significantly raise the performance expectations of any and all future rangefinder cameras. And what about the new Leica CL? Its minimalist approach delivers maximum performance in a unique, modern take on classic photography.


Leica Q-P: A Whisper in the Wind

A beautiful but understated appearance belies an accomplished performer that builds on the superior capabilities of the original Q. While maintaining the near-perfect form and function of its sibling, it also sports an updated look and improved assembly. The discreet, matte black finish with engraved Leica inscription on the top plate (in the tradition of other professional-class cameras), a better, more durable covering and improved switch control, enhance the photographic experience. Whether old Q or new Q-P, you will not find a better companion for a walk in the winter wonderland.



M10-P – Perfection to the Power of Two!

It’s been over 100+ years since Oskar Barnack conceived the Leica camera, guided by the principles of simplicity, clarity and portability. 12 years after the first digital M and 64 years after the first M, the new M10-P delivers on that original vision and turns purpose, potential and intent into a stunning reality. 


Photography is an extension of vision, and both the M10 and M10-P are equipped with the best rangefinder/viewfinder, ever! Providing the clearest, widest and highest magnification of any rangefinder, makes capturing your vision that much more direct and simple. And the decisive moment of capture is redefined by the M10-P as the shutter click becomes a barely discernible, oh-so-seductive punctuation mark that is perfectly audible to the photographer and barely a whisper to everyone around. Let me be clear, this technology of the silent shutter that Leica ushered in, is truly a mechanical shutter capable of freezing motion without the distortion of other silent shutters that scan the sensor. 


The sleek, unembellished design and impeccable finish of the M10-P will, like a Stradivarius violin inspires a virtuoso, bring out the very best in photographers. The simplified menu and streamlining of the controls makes this Leica the ultimate example of form following function.


I’m happy to report that the M10-P is readily available.


M 10-D – Bridging the Age of Film With Today’s Best Digital Technology

Are you a photographic purist who wishes to satisfy the desire to duplicate the experience of shooting film on a digital platform? With clever design elements that harken back to the halcyon days of photojournalism including a faux film-advance lever that serves as a remarkably effective thumb rest, and an analog ISO selector on the back cover, and state-of-the-art advancements (ultra-stealth appearance, a barely audible shutter), the M10-D constantly delivers superior images demanded in today’s marketplace. Walking around with an M10-D in hand is a uniquely effective way to appreciate the direction and progression of photography.



D-Lux 7: An All-Round Performer Makes Its Debut

The high-performance D-Lux 109 is a hard act to follow, but the newly announced D-Lux 7 has many tangible improvements over its not too shabby predecessor. There’s a much-improved 17-megapixel sensor, markedly better video performance, and upgraded construction and sealing. The groundbreaking fast zoom of the 109 is, thankfully, maintained.


Leica CL: An APS-C All-Rounder

Capture the Leica look with this compact, light weight and remarkably versatile camera. Its equipped with nothing short of a magnificent EVF, sports fast, accurate autofocus that, when combined with the superior TL lenses, creates a formidable tool for anyone from enthusiastic beginner through to the most discerning and intrepid travel photographer.

I’m happy to report that from now to the end of the year, we’ve secured a reasonable allocation from Leica for all these cameras. Furthermore, we have in-store offers to help you along in your decision process. But better than a good deal, I’m proud to say that the best reason to visit or call the Boutique is to tap into the expertise of my staff at Camtec Photo. If you haven’t had the chance to chat with Emmanuel, Francis, Daniele, Fred and Alex, I assure you that you will be impressed and pleased with their knowledge, enthusiasm, and eagerness to help.  


Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

What’s the secret behind a good photo walk? Accessories, accessories, accessories. Visitors to the Boutique often compliment us on the wide variety of accessories we have in stock. My standard reply: “Curating the right accessory mix is among my top pleasures.” As much as any photographer out there, I strive to have the best camera bag for the purpose, and the strap for any occasion and every camera. 


Artisan & Artist is, as their name suggests, a small manufacturer in Tokyo, Japan that I have had the pleasure of importing and selling for over 20 years. Their handcrafted merchandise from bags to cases to straps are made from the best-sourced material, and have withstood the rigours of professional use for decades. This year, we increased the selection with the addition of two new lines of bags and several more models of straps made from fine Japanese silk. In both cases they are discreet, light weight, extremely durable, and will enhance your appreciation of your camera gear. Once again, we have a special offer on most Artisan and Artist merchandise between now and the end of the year. Please peruse the website or call us for details. 


Being part of the Commonwealth, I would like to throw a life preserver to our friends at Billingham. As they are faced with the risk of losing the EU market due to high tariffs after the disastrous Brexit campaign, we will do our best to promote and feature the grandfather of beautifully crafted canvas camera bags. The timeless Hadley line of camera bags has undergone a facelift and now come with an updated colour palette for all the hipsters out there. I’m proud to say we’ve been selling Hadley bags since day 1 of our business, and probably have the widest selection in the Commonwealth. Here again, we are happy to offer the in-store special for the Holiday Season on all bags we have in stock.  


Fujifilm: The Road Less Travelled

The busy workshop at Fujifilm ushers in a new XT-3 that elevates the performance level of the accomplished XT-2  with a better sensor, much-improved focusing system, and world-class video performance. 


For people who want to step up their game with medium format, Fujifilm’s newest addition to the GFX line, the GFX-50R, shares the  quality of its big brother 50S, but in a smaller, lighter body featuring a rangefinder-like profile. It’s a dream to walk around with and capture images of landscapes, street life and architecture. One of my favourite cameras ever is the Fuji GS645 folder: diminutive, unprepossessing and one helluva picture maker. While this new 50R does not match it in size and portability, it more than makes up for it in raw performance and purity in results. 



The Road To Marrakesh

Our dear friend Thomas Laberge-Brière has been making great strides in his budding “secondary” career as an art photographer. His widening interests are pushing beyond his recognizable style, broadening his scope and focusing his vision. I’m happy and proud that some of his recent photographs of Morocco will be on our exhibition wall for the next several weeks. 


Thomas successfully stayed away from clichés that seem to inevitably emerge when depicting North African locales as tourist destinations. Instead, he produced a thoughtful study of towns, villages and their inhabitants; a collection of photographs that are insightful, respectful and at times, mysterious and reverential. This is a voyage through time, and what better medium to use for this magnum opus than his choice of Kodak Portra film.  

Wishing you and your loved ones a merry Christmas and a new year filled with good health, happiness, and beautiful light. We will be holding court at the Boutique, so be certain to drop in to talk photography and have one of our renowned espressos.


Always looking forward to your comments.

                Photographically yours,

                Jean Bardaji 


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