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Parallax, December 2017

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Dear rangefinder enthusiasts and classic photographers, 
Thank you for allowing us to share some news and random thoughts with you.


I’d like a few moments of your time to discuss what’s new and what’s old in our wonderful world of photography.



While we like to think that the good old days were, in fact, the good old days, photography’s golden age is here and now! Judging by the roster of new equipment that came out over the past year or is set to be launched come 2018, at least from a technical point of view, capturing that perfect image has never been more within reach. 


With the arrival of the Fuji GFX and the Hasselblad X1D, high-end medium-format cameras no longer need cost as much as a luxury car. The Nikon D850, Leica SL and Fujifilm X line make top gear accessible whatever the platform, be it DSLR, mirrorless full-frame, or APS-C. Whether nature, sports, landscape, architecture, street, travel, still life or portrait, this generation of hardware will meet the demands of every discipline while exceeding your expectations. 


Seeing all this energy poured into our magnificent avocation and vocation, makes no one happier than me. Contrast early generations of digital cameras – to be generous, they were rather suspect in image quality – with today’s models where we are splitting pixels over perfection, resolution and rendering, and the conclusion is obvious: we’ve come a long way!


Was ist neu in Leica?

New factory, new energy, and a renewed drive to reassert Leica’s position at the very pinnacle of optical performance, is yielding a bunker harvest of remarkable lenses and extraordinary cameras. From the Noctilux 75mm to the Leica CL compact mirrorless, Wetzlar is leading the way in innovation, producing straightforward, easy-to-use tools that enhance the photographic experience.


Leica CL: The M Companion That Always Delivered

Before the turn of the century, when film was the only way to capture a photograph, Leica’s mighty M6 ruled the roost. Like any great superhero tandem – Batman and Robin, Thor and Hulk – I would occasionally turn to its more diminutive partner, the CL, when I wanted to sling something ultra compact and light over my shoulder. With the beautifully smooth Summicron 40mm, it was no bigger than an average fixed-lens compact 35mm, but the results were incontestably up to Leica level. The compact CL was different from but every bit as good as its big brothers in the M lineup, built to the standards that Oscar Barnack and Ernst Leitz demanded from the get-go.  

The new digital CL is cut from the same cloth. In APS-C format, the feel, functions and results are every bit Leica. No detail was overlooked and, like a classic Leica, there is nothing extraneous. Beautifully sleek and simple, the camera will always do what you want it to do, sans post-graduate degree in menu and computer navigation. 

Announced with the CL is the Elmarit-TL 18mm f2.8 ultracompact lens. With an angle of view equivalent to 27mm, the 18mm is the perfect companion ready to capture life as it unfolds around you. Street, people, architecture, landscapes, like its grandaddy film CL, when you sling the camera and 18mm over your shoulder, you will certainly not be disappointed with the results.


Noct Your Average Lens!

Building on the legacies of the beloved, elder-statesman Summilux 75 and the legendary Noctilux 50, the M-Noctilux 75mm F1.25 ASPH is ultra sharp, but with an eye-pleasing roundness and natural look that gives a dimensionality only Leica optics can achieve. Even at f1.25, the contrast is there; beautiful, but not overpowering, yielding remarkable tonality, natural colours and faithful skin tones. 


Celebrate the Holidays and Canada’s 150th Birthday In Style with this Rare and Unique Leica Ensemble

To commemorate Canada's 150th birthday and the essential role that Canada played in the history and survival of Leica Camera after WWII, Leica introduced the Leica M-P (Typ 240) “CANADA EDITION” Set. Consisting of a Leica M-P (Typ 240) and Leica Summicron-M 35 mm f/2.0 ASPH, the camera and lens are engraved with the official ‘Canada 150’ emblem. The engraving is a stylized maple leaf with the shape of 13 diamonds which represents Canada’s provinces and territories while the four inner diamond shapes represent Canada’s initial provinces at Confederation.


Only 25 sets were made. Each identified and numbered from Set number 1 / 25 throughout set number 25 / 25 


This is Set # 1 / 25 - We Have only One available set


This beautiful ensemble will certainly have it’s place in History and will always be a symbol of the great partnership that Leica camera and the Leitz family had with Canada


This is what’s new!



What’s old and will always be true, is, a beautiful image needs emotional content, relevance, good timing and, sometimes, a bit of old-fashioned luck. It takes work, dedication, passion and a belief that what you are doing is important and needed. A great photograph adds to the understanding of human experience.


Whether it’s a classic moment captured by one of Canada’s resident old masters, or the amazing work presently produced by our young turks, it is clear that a great photograph is a great photograph, regardless of the era it was taken. 


I would also like to think that what’s old but worth conserving is the personal service we take pride in at Camtec Photo. You will find timely and quality printing at our lab, expertly managed and run by the capable and eternally youthful Kakrouna, Carolina and Laura; and superior service backed by experience and well-informed opinions at the boutiques, where Emmanuel, Alex, Francis, Daniele and Robert look forward to answering your questions, guiding your purchases, delivering your orders and talking photography over an espresso.


If you are looking for a new camera bag, adding a lens to your kit, or the time has come to upgrade from 16 to 24 megapixels, I invite you to pay us a visit or give us a call. Our thoughts and perspective are free, and the final price will not be more than if ordered on line.



Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and holiday season, and a healthy, happy and peaceful 2018 filled with beautiful light and marvelous photographic opportunities.

Always looking forward to your comments.

                Photographically yours,

                Jean Bardaji and Daniel Wiener


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