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Parallax, December 2014

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Dear rangefinder enthusiasts and classic photographers, 

Thank you for allowing us to share some news and random thoughts with you.


When we put together the quarterly newsletter, we start with many ideas. Disjointed and incomplete, they are, nevertheless, backstopped with unabashed enthusiasm and spirit. The process then involves emails, much discussion, postulation, hypothesizing, no shortage of arguing and some alcohol, but eventually we settle on the effort you are now reading. 


Imagine our surprise when, right out of the gate, we wholeheartedly agreed on every section of this newsletter, be it talking about our vocation as a boutique operator, or expounding on the importance of the printed photograph, or assessing the latest and greatest gear.

Now is the Time and This is the Place for Everything Leica

The time has never been better to get into, or add to your M system. An exceptional offer is presently in effect to make your purchase of a Leica item extra merry.


Leica’s Limited-Time Offer Sale: Until January 31, get $1000 off the M240 and $300 off most M lenses. The M240 is by far the most compelling digital M, ever. If you want to start a new chapter in your photographic journey, do not pass up this incredible opportunity. Here are some examples of the Savings:


- Leica M240 with 50mm Summicron

- Leica M 90mm Summicron F2.0

- Leica M 21mm Super-Elmar F3.4


Leica’s Demo Offering on The S: Camtec Photo is pleased to offer its clientele the opportunity to benefit from Leica’s largesse. After their big splash at Photokina and Photo Plus in New York, the items used to showcase the quality and depth of the S System were offered to select retailers at a healthy discount. We have secured a small number of these Leica S demo cameras and lenses in pristine condition. All items come complete with a brand-new lens warranty.  


The savings on both the M and S are truly substantial but the selection and quantities are very limited. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. 


Join us on Friday, December 12 at 3:00 PM for an Impromptu Leica Demo Gathering, where you can examine and consider the unequalled lineup of cameras and lenses, and have a glass of wine with our two beloved Leica reps, Brian Lee and Michael Bell. Special offers will be available on all Leica products.

The Rise of the Compact

After undergoing a thorough quality and design revolution, Leica has released its latest generation of compact cameras. The unique and optically superior Leica X  Typ 113 with its new F1.7 Summilux  lens, opens up low-light capabilities that will make this compact camera a well-rounded tool for everyday photography. 


The new D-Lux Typ 109 sports the largest sensor ever put into a compact of this kind. Combined with an ultra-fast 24-75mm DC Vario-Summilux zoom lens and handy analogue-type controls, this camera has clearly moved to the front of its class.   


Do you need a powerful zoom and loads of resolution to document your children’s sports activities and family travels? Look no further than the Leica V-Lux Typ 114. Its 20 MP sensor (the largest in bridge cameras) and a 25-400mm (equivalent) DC Vario-Elmarit fast zoom will consistently deliver the high-quality images you crave.  

Purpose, Passion and Understanding

We couldn’t help but notice the latest news from not sitting too well with investors. Seems that building an anonymous behemoth aiming to monopolize the sale of every item from abacuses to zippers while providing fake customer service through an Internet portal and summoning up large amounts of code-generated sincerity (with a heaping helping of programmed warmth), has delivered its biggest quarterly loss in 14 years! This, Wall Street has concluded, is not quite how the grand scheme is supposed to play out. 


Long before the arrival of the e-cart and on-line shopping, we were committed to photography. As a small boutique, we aim to help photographers get the most out of their equipment and, most importantly, excel at their avocation or vocation. We take pride that our 26 rue Notre-Dame East location is a showcase for photography, a place where photographers gather to look at pictures, chat and (occasionally) buy. We try to bring this same attitude and approach to our on-line clients. The past year we’ve invested heavily in creating a shopping engine that is catered toward the photographer. Be confident that behind that engine stand Alexandre, Emmanuel, Francis and Jean, willing and able to answer your queries and trying their very best to stock what you want.


We continuously receive emails from clients across Canada that, I confess, validate our efforts to improve your on-line experience. Your kind comments are greatly appreciated. We will strive to work hard and live up to your standards.  

When in doubt, PRINT IT!

If a striking photograph is taken and then goes into digital limbo on the cloud or in a portable drive, does it really exist? Sure, we can recall the file on our smartphones, iPads and computer monitors, but there is something ephemeral and unsatisfying about looking at a fine image on a screen. 


I am a card-holding photographic groupie. Be it a casual show at a community centre or a large exhibition at a gallery, I try my best to be there. But what if digital photography and our propensity for leaving photographs on hard drives was always the norm? How many truly meaningful photographs that help define issues and illuminate who we are, would resonate with importance or be seen at all? 


Before there was pixel peeping, Lightroom and post-processing plug-ins, people would look at photographic prints. No one admired the artistry of an Ansel Adams’ negative, although that negative was impeccably exposed and developed using the Zone System. Everyone appreciated the depth and tonality in the final print produced from that negative. The impact created from a fine photographic print remains with us. Even when not in our line of sight, we remember it in nearly every detail. 


I tell my clients to print their photographs and hang them on the wall. Not only will they enjoy them and learn more about themselves (really), but everyone around them will also take pleasure in the work. Looking at beautiful images is a joy. Travel, family, sports, a walk in the woods, become foundations around which we build our lives. That selfie of you and your newest BFF may be amusing for a week or two on Facebook, but a properly displayed photograph of a beloved family member or friend will delight and inspire for years to come.    


Do you have a clear idea how you would like your print to look and want an expert to reach your exacting standards? Here’s a shameless plug for our high-quality lab. Since the early days of Camtec Photo we have provided the finest in photo finishing. With today’s wide variety of inkjet papers to choose from, we can print on a surface which will bring your photograph to life. Many of Montreal’s most discerning photographers bring their work to Camtec Lab. We would love to do a test for you.

A Young and Driven Montrealer With a Global Vision!

Liam Maloney has earned a position as one of the most compelling, young photojournalists working today. He is driven by a sense of compassion and an unrelenting desire to expose the untold story. His ability to comprehend, his intuition and acumen bring gravitas and authority to the subjects he tackles.  


Liam spent time in a Syrian refugee camp in Akkar, Lebanon (about 30 minutes south of the border), where instant texting on mobile phones is the only means of getting news about family and loved ones. Something happens in that moment when a message beeps on a phone. Liam photographed the subjects from 16 families lit only by the glow of the screens, and later photographed and translated the messages on their phones. Shown at the 2014 Festival Images in Vevey, Switzerland, Photoville in Brooklyn, NY,  and the 2014 Scotiabank Nuit Blanche festival in Toronto, his immersive installation, Texting Syria, will come to the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto beginning January 23, 2015 and the Nuit de la Photo in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland on February 14. Stay tuned for a special Montreal date.

A Walk in the Park (Leitz Park, Wetzlar…that is!)

The spring of 2015 will be here before you know it. Camtec Photo is thrilled to offer our Canadian Leica clientele the opportunity to visit the newly finished Leitz Park in Wetzlar, Germany. The tour starts bright and early on Moday, April 13 with a photographically flavoured tour of Wetzlar that is steeped in Leica history, followed by a visit to the new Leitz Park and factory, before starting our three-day Leica Academy workshop. The program will also include a two-day side trip to Cologne and environs. Tentatively included in the trip are 3 nights stay in Wetzlar at the Hotel Bürgerhof and 2 nights in central Cologne (hotel to be determined). Also included are ground transportation, meals and fee for the Leica Academy. Air transportation and add-ons are your responsibility. (Detailed schedule and pricing will follow.) Like our M Vision ateliers, this trip is based on real costs and is not for profit.  


Gloves, scarf, tuque and boots are at the ready, the snow tires are on the car and the shovel and scraper are in the trunk. This winter, be certain to make your camera a necessary addition to your cold-weather gear. Your pictures will benefit, your demeanor will improve and before you know it, the days will be getting longer. 


To all clients and friends of Camtec Photo, our sincere thanks for your kind support. Best wishes to you and your families for the Holiday Season and a 2015 Filled with Beautiful Light and True Joy!   


Always looking forward to your comments.

Photographically yours,


Jean Bardaji and Daniel Wiener 


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