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Zeiss Otus Apo Distagon T* 55mm F1.4 Canon EF



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Taking straight aim at capturing maximum image quality in the new generation of high-megapixel DSLR sensors, Zeiss introduces the Otus 1.4/55, its first in a completely new lineup of Otus lenses.

Using the Distagon design that had previously been employed only in wide-angle lenses, yields images with no compromise in sharpness and contrast, even in photographs captured at the f1.4 maximum aperture! The Otus lens family, as represented by the 1.4/55mm, provides consistent performance from center to edge. Zeiss has achieved the seemingly impossible with near-perfect correction of image field curvature. Other aberrations are corrected to insignificant levels, with complete elimination of spherical aberration and coma. Even colour fringing is greatly reduced.

The remarkable control of flare is achieved through the reduction of reflection between optical surfaces. By employing inner focusing of the lens, the outer length of the lens remains constant whether at minimum focusing of 0.5m or set to ∞. This is merely one upshot of developing a focusing system that works not by moving the entire lens, but by shifting one or more elements within it. Most importantly, performance is consistently outstanding throughout the focusing range.

Simply stated, the Otus 1.4/55mm is the finest normal lens ever produced for DSLR cameras. It can take full advantage of the capabilities of high-megapixel sensors now, and in the future. Even lower-megapixel cameras can take advantage of the characteristics of the new lens, providing photographs that have visibly superior contrast and enhanced chromatic correction.

This is a professional quality lens without peer. Zeiss targets its uses for advertising/studio, fashion/portraiture/lifestyle, landscape, and museum/copy. While it can be used in video, it is designed for still photography.

One last thing: the Otus name. Apparently it comes from an Asian owl, whose acute eyesight makes the analogy obvious.


Major Specifications:


Focal length 55mm
Filter size 77mm
Lens construction  12 elements, 10 groups
Focus range 0.5 m – ∞
Weight 970-1030g