Un réveil danois - Danish for Breakfast

On Tuesday, June 29, one day after the end of school and the fifteenth day past our second vaccinations, my wife, Rita, and I boarded a plane heading to Copenhagen. It had been over two years since we last saw our daughter and her beau, who call that beautiful city home. Time to break the endless loop of bad news, negativity and discord that the pandemic brought us! The flight was through Paris, so we finished the twelve-day getaway in Brittany, northwest France. 


With a handful of reasonable Covid restrictions, Copenhagen was fully open. Both street life and its famous bicycle culture were back. Everyone appeared to be in good spirits. France was a bit more restricted and there was some tension in the air. Wanting to travel light, I only packed the Q2. Not surprisingly, it lived up to its reputation: dependable, responsive and top-notch.


As travel, events and social interaction bounce back, photography will resume its essential role in recording the beauty and elegance of daily life. 


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