M Vision VI

M Vision Atelier VI: One of the Very Best!


Yes, the weather gods certainly smiled on us, but it was the enthusiasm and artistry brought to the workshop by both our instructors and participants that made M Vision Atelier VI a memorable experience. 


With Pierre Charbonneau's pointers in French and Quinton Gordon’s advice in English, this was M Vision at its finest, and an experience that could only happen in Montreal! The Atelier kicked off with Pierre inspiring us and challenging our understanding of perspective through an exciting presentation of unique vistas bordering on the surreal. His comments and critiques throughout the weekend were always positive and to the point. 


Quinton Gordon does not take photographs! He begins the process by studying the environment, moves on to comprehending his subjects and their stories, and then establishes a point of view. When we finally look at the print that results from this analytical approach, it is as if we have before us a complete narrative in a single image. With a wealth of experience as photographer, purveyor, promoter and educator, Quinton’s vast knowledge and ability to deliver both technical and creative guidance in an unassuming manner, made for an enriching, gratifying and comprehensive experience. If you find yourself on the West Coast, I wholeheartedly recommend partaking in any of the workshops offered through his Lúz Gallery in Victoria. 


The schedule for our three-day shoot was intense and varied. From documenting urban decay on the Plateau to outdoor activities on Mount Royal, from the whimsy of self-portraiture to in-depth reportage of café and boutique culture, the images from M Vision VI resulted in a powerful, contemporary portrait of our city. 


Special thanks go to Leica’s Justin Staley for his good humour, wealth of technical knowledge and his ability to reach for the right answer at a moment’s notice.

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