M Vision 2014 Kamouraska

M Vision 2014 Kamouraska: Familiar Landscapes, Unlimited Possibilities


The dramatic nature of sunset and twilight in Kamouraska; the high winds and ever-changing natural skies filled with an abundance of fast moving cumulus and stratus clouds; the playful nature of children; the nuances of human nature; nature in all its forms came together to make M Vision 2014 a very special celebration of photography. I feel privileged to have spent three glorious days immersed in it all!



M Vision 2014 Kamouraska was a great success and an even greater learning experience that will remain with all of us for a very long time. Le centre d’art de Kamouraska and its director, Eve Simard, rolled out the red carpet and made us feel at ease. Everyone who attended contributed their enthusiasm, energy, creativity, and willingness to leave their comfort zone and embrace new  situations. Of course our instructors, Ed Kashi with his lifelong experience and passion for storytelling through beautiful and moving images, and Edouard Plante Frechette with his infectious spirit and exceptional technical prowess, made the three days of M Vision a memorable gathering filled with stimulating discussion and beautiful pictures.      


I took the liberty of selecting some extraordinary photographs from what I consider a wealth of images, and believe you will be impressed and inspired by what we accomplished. 


* * *


Prior to the atelier, on Wednesday, July 23, we had an illuminating soirée featuring Ed Kashi. Thank you to all who reserved and attended this very special event at Camtec Photo. I was personally touched by Ed’s photographs as well as his background commentary on two of the most important topics he has tackled in an illustrious career: aging, and being a photojournalist while being a husband and father. Ed is still an active photographer with his finger both on the shutter and on the pulse of important stories around the world. I would like to once again personally thank him for finding time to visit us. I would also like to thank Leica Camera USA for their continuing support in bringing premier photojournalists to Montreal. 


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