Jean B. Fall Escape with the Q

In the last days of autumn 2017, I had to travel to northern Italy for a family matter. Wanting to travel extra light, I packed a Leica Q in a small bag. It was a revelation! With its compact stature and straightforward, uncomplicated interface, it was an absolute joy to use and proved every bit the formidable camera that its reputation boasts.


Photographs taken at night had all those difficult-to-capture gradations, without blown highlights or plugged shadows. Images were sharp while, more importantly, remaining pleasing to the eye.


The fall light was beautiful and dramatic. Weather was well...continental, i.e. damp and breezy. Tourists were scarce and the locals enjoying a break here and there, provided a wealth of opportunities to observe and catch magical moments in their daily lives. 


The Leica Q is an accomplished picture taker with extraordinary control and feel. It's a camera that you will always have with you, ready and able to capture life the way you see it. 

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