Montréal, ma Ville. Concours photo Fujifilm

Montreal My Town Photo Contest, The Final 16 and the winners !!


We are happy to share with you the Final 16 photographs selected in our Camtec Photo and Fujifilm Canada “Montreal, My Town” photo contest.


Over 250 photographs were submitted showing the beauty and unique character in all aspects of your beloved city. Architecture, streets and parks, multiculturalism, sports and joie de vivre. 


Heartfelt thanks to all those who participates in the contest and all those who came to out Fuji day and Photo walk on Saturday when the winners were announced. 


Thank you for your enthusiasm and sense of sharing that you brought to this event. 


And of-course Congratulation to the three winners: Denis Rancourt, Freddy Arciniegas and Armando Rafael. Your photographs are beautiful and inspiring. 

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